Anniversary Post: Butterfly Place Elopement

As I'm on maternity leave, I'm reposting some of my favorite weddings as anniversary posts. 

My 2010 wedding season kicked off with a gorgeous elopement at The Butterfly Place in Westford.  Congratulations, V & F!


Anniversary Post: Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center Wedding Photography

I've been able to get to photograph and know this amazing family over the past several years. Turns out that we have overlapping friends and intersected lives.  I'm so glad that we found each other.  

Here's a recent portrait from a family session last fall.  Their family has grown with a new daughter and a new son.  

Last time we saw this family, their Cambridge wedding was a year away. Teachers are a special breed.  I know, I was once one of them.  They value tradition, but aren't ruled by it.  There is consistency and earnestness inherent.  Able to be serious. Ready to have fun. Both bride and groom, as well as a good amount of the wedding guests were teachers.  Just a few of the reasons I enjoyed working with M. and I at their Cambridge wedding.

From the custom converse on the groomsmen (and for the dancing bride) to the vows read from an iphone (so 2011, right?) they owned this wedding day.  Though, the couple's daughter, Frannie, nearly stole the show in her green dress and purple shoes. We made a few portraits in the courtyard at Le Meridien, then onward to the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, where the flowering trees flanked the sunset ceremony in the courtyard.  Strolling reception gave way to dancing, and toasts and cake.

Life is surprises.  M.'s vows began with an acknowledgement of that.  Life is unexpected.  Life is love.

And a special thanks to Douglas Levy for working with me on this one!

Anniversary Post: Winter Wedding at The Ponds at Bolton Valley Vermont

As I'm on maternity leave, I'm reposting some of my favorite weddings as anniversary posts. 




This was a spectacular winter wedding at The Ponds at Bolton Valley.  Note the unified approach they have with the design - how everything perfectly suits the winter theme, and the elegant vaulted cedar ceiling inside.  The Great Room at the Ponds has this massive floor to ceiling riverstone fireplace, which had a mantle that was laid out with birch branches and white candles - setting a warm and inviting mood.  

Guests rode up in yellow school buses and were greeted by a signpost (again handmade and painted by Christa’s dad) acknowledging the distances that everyone had traveled and then with a hot chocolate bar!

Christa and Alex had hoped for a beautiful winter outdoor ceremony, and they got it.  They shoveled out a stage, where the bridal party and a few guests stood in a small circle around them.  The rest of the guests banded together on the deck, clustered under the heat lamps, enjoying the outdoor ceremony and it’s breathtaking panoramic views of the snow covered pond and mountains.  The bridesmaids kept warm with leggings, boots (hidden nicely under snow length dresses, and brilliant green cardigan and coordinating navy blue scarves and mittens.  

And then we were inside.  Mittens and cardigans and scarves discarded for hugging and dancing.  There were toasts and tears and songs. There was delicious food and wine.  And there was lots of dancing. Because when Groove Authority plays your wedding, the dancing doesn't stop.  Alex and his brother took out their guitars and played a few tunes too, to everyone's delight.

Thank you for inviting us to be a part of documenting your wedding day.  


Alex and Christa designed a beautiful winter wedding with gorgeous and thoughtful details woven throughout the day.  These were lovingly created by Christa, Alex and Christa’s dad.  Here are a few of my favorite hand made rustic winter wedding details. 

Wedding FAQ: Family Formals

Wedding FAQ: Family Formals

I admit that posing for formals are not everyone’s favorite moment of the wedding day celebrations. Bit - It is record making in a classic form and I do think it is important.  Wedding formals are the only time during the day when I tell you what to do and where to stand.  The rest of the day I‘m reacting to what’s unfolding.

I’m using the word family is a very loosely here.  I consider family to be inclusive of whoever is in your inner circle (be they biological or logical family).

I want to make this as quick and painless as possible.  I want you to spend happy times with your friends and family and with each other - not endlessly lining up for posed portraits.  In order to make that happen (quickly and painlessly) I ask that everyone who is in the pictures know before hand where and when they are to show up ready.  

How to Choose Photos for Wedding Album

How to Choose Photos for Wedding Album

I've already given the reasons why I think everyone should move past "just digital files" and opt for printing their wedding pictures and making beautiful wedding albums.  Below is my guide on how to choose photos for your wedding album.  

The amount of images you have in your wedding album corresponds to the size of your wedding and the hours of wedding day coverage. Keep in mind that the more family and guests you want to have in our album, the bigger it gets.  I suggest you begin by choosing 40 as a starting point.

Choose the images that you feel the most connection to and that showcase the moments you want to preserve and remember. There is no one-size-fits-all formula. Just like each relationship, each wedding and each marriage, each wedding album is different.

It comes down to these two things: Look for the essentials. Trust your instincts. This album will tell your story - and your story is important. 

Here are the highlights to look for when you are choosing photos for your wedding album. 

Wedding Album from Endicott Estate

endicott estate wedding ceremony photography
endicott estate wedding pictures

The original Endicott Estate wedding post shared some of the studio favorites.  A year, and a child later we're finally getting their wedding album ready. 

Some of my favorites overlapped with theirs - and I'm thrilled with how the album design is looking.  

Their wedding ceremony and wedding reception were both held right on site at the Endicott Estate in Dedham.  These grand vintage mansions, with beautiful hand crafted wood interiors, make an ideal backdrop for a New England wedding.  

Almost two year later, I'm still warmed by remembering their wedding day; their genuine excitement and infectious laughter.  


wedding pictures endicott estate dedham ma

ketubah signing endicott estate jewish wedding photographer

endicott estate wedding ceremony photography

endicott esate wedding ceremony outdoor photography

utdoor jewish ceremony endicott estate wedding pictures

endicott estate wedding ceremony photography

endicott estate wedding ceremony photography

PREGNANCY PICTURES, A PERSONAL POST (cross-posted from Modern Glamour)

PREGNANCY PICTURES, A PERSONAL POST (cross-posted from Modern Glamour)
Valentine’s Day is about expressing and sharing love.  And that requires courage and fearlessness.

In that spirit, I begin this new phase open to sharing our personal lives, our inner world, our private selves.

As such, I hope that your day (and week! And year!) is heartened with reminders of the courageous and loving people you have in your lives.  

Review: Sleeklens Lightroom Presets

Review: Sleeklens Lightroom Presets

To illuminate a little of my behind the scenes workflow, my usual post shoot routine is to download my raw files right into Photo Mechanic where I rename files and flag the keepers. From there the keeper are imported to Lightroom for lens and camera profile adjustments and basic edits; primarily color and exposure corrections. On export, some (my studio favorites) get a further gentle tweak in Alien Skin Exposure 10. And a few more get polished within Photoshop.  

I haven’t used much of the Lightroom’s preset capability in a while, so I was interested to explore the Sleeklens presets when they asked me to do a review of their Forever Thine Wedding Workflow.

Their Forever Thine collection includes Lightroom presets and brushes.  And oh was I excited to play with the brushes.  Brushes, radial and graduated filters are some of my favorite LR features.