fort worth x5, seattle x1, philly x1, Boston x2

I've been racking up quite a bit of air miles this year. I just returned from a shooting trip with Kristen Peelle, natively of Fort Worth, who has invited me me shoot a series of amazing weddings this summer in Texas with her.Last weekend's wedding was lovely, enormous and full of people, music, dancing. One of my favorite images was from the ceremony. There I was, hiding in the great shadow behind the altar, and I caught a moment. A great, funny, unexpected moment.


And now, after the swelling of my wisdom-tooth-less mouth dies down a bit(does this mean I've lost my mental edge- sans wise teeth, avec drugs?); I am off to Boston to shoot over Labor Day weekend. And, of course to take in a game at Fenway; and make it through my bachelorette party Boston-style.