new beginnings

I've been postponing writing a New Year post, and the longer I delayed, the longer it was that I felt crummy for not being on the ball with being timely. This morning Trent and I went to the Steve Jobs keynote at MacWorld. He did, indeed, command the crowd, and went through 2007's apple products and sales figures, and then introduced what would happen with apple products in 2008. Yes, we watched the 'air' debut. The people around us madly typed on their laptops, resizing images and sending stories into their editors. I realized that if apple could wait a few weeks to do their year in review and announce their launch plans for 2008, so could we. Here, a few images from this morning - img_0192.jpg




img_0237.jpg And it is revealed. There IS something in the air.

img_0252.jpg Randy Newman singing a bit off the cuff, and a bit Toy Story. It was great.

Our studio year in review and new year plans to follow -