engagement portraits - liz & steve

I first met Liz & Steve at the Vermont wedding of Scott & Simone.  Turned out they were newly engaged and lived in San Francisco.  Liz & Steve invited me to come along with them as they applied for their marriage license at City Hall.  San Francisco City Hall is a gorgeous interior space. During the lunch-hour we were there we saw a couple get married at the top of the steps (only the officient and the photographer present whom we assumed doubled as their witness); we saw several other couples come through the halls and file their own paperwork; some dallying and giddy, some efficient and business-like; and Liz was even asked to be an emergency witness for another couple who were in a frenzy to get married right then and there. It was cool to be there to photograph the first legal document of their marriage.



A ladybug party was discovered in a bunch of greens at the Civic Center Farmer's Market.  Liz makes a wish. Afterwards, Liz and Steve took me out to lunch at Tu Lan.  It was, of course, fabulous.

We are very excited to photograph their wedding in June at the Presidio.