engagement portraits - Joanne & Hil

I was immediately struck by what lovely people Joanne and Hil are. I had suggested dressing for a casual date, but they stepped it up, with a lovely crisp white sun dress for Joanne, and a cool vintage tie for Hil. They were both naturals in front of the camera, and had gone recon style on some location scouting missions the week before. These two have known each other for over a decade, which does explain their rapport, both on and off camera and that the sweet whispers between them seemed to be about laundry and Sunday house chore divisions. Their familiarity and comfort shows. Joanne confided in me that Hil is the more romantic of the two, and this is something she is working on. Though I am happy to report that it was Joanne who chose these gorgeous (and romantic) spots to enjoy this Sunday afternoon. A few memorable moments from our afternoon in the gardens.