Happy Easter from Kansas City

Happy Easter from Kansas City!  Or more precisely Overland Park, where we have been camped out with our friends Joe and Skylar Bellinger, spending the last few days alternating between delighting in colossal amounts of midwestern food(Strouds) and bbq(Arthur Bryants), cathing up with the backlog of Denver, and and meeting Kansas entrepreneurs. Yesterday afternoon I took some time to help Skylar prepare for Easter. I can't remember the last time I frosted sugar cookies, if indeed that time ever existed. I had a great time dyeing frosting spring colors and decorating  tulips, umbrellas, rainbows (and a few surfboards thrown in for Trent).  After the cookies were done, Matt and Leslie came over with 'Easter beer' and assorted egg dying kits and arts and crafts afternoon rolled into the night.

A few images of our efforts.







Wishing everyone a beautiful day! More entrepreneurial stories to share coming tomorrow.