Blisswork Engagement Portraits | Frankin Park | D & J

Sunday morning was gorgeous, a temperature throwback to early September, but with the full height of color and light of a New England Fall.  J. and D. are wonderful to spend time with, as they are easy and comfortable with each other.  D. brought two yellow flowers that popped wonderfully against the palette of autumn colors around us.  Listening to J and D, I was tickled by their slightly differing accounts of how they met, and the journey that they took over ten years to come to this place today - in love, wrapped up in bliss. They are both keenly aware of media and in tune to visual literacy, smartMeme and Rough Mountain, being their respective creative businesses. I am thrilled to have been asked to document their wedding later this year - and to have something delightful on which to think forward during the impending winter ahead.