Wedding | Boston Park Plaza Hotel | J & C

Fun, fun, dancing and more fun. An elegant urban setting at the Boston Park Plaza. A short and sweet ceremony brimming with guests and with love.  The bride and groom balanced the seemingly formal setting with their engaging laughter and embracing of the best part of life: friends, family, food, dancing and tallboys of PBR.  After the ceremony, we strolled over to the Boston Public Garden to make some portraits;  diving into the willows for a private nuzzle in the leaves.  We actually witnessed an actual proposal as the families lined up for a formal photograph.  Sumptuous ballroom for food and dancing the rest of the night.   J.'s original description of the day was urban vintage and that was how it played out.   And then they were off to Africa for their honeymoon. Joie de Vivre? I think they nailed it.