Boston Wedding Photography | Saphire Estate

Can I add a Boston Wedding tag to these women on awesome people hanging out together tumblr? Or maybe I should just call this blogpost Awesome People Getting Married To Each Other: Lady Swag District.  Honestly, I've witnessed many a fine move on the dance floor this season, but this night was something else.

Tremendously inclusive little moments - like all the flower girls carrying pieces of a a bouquet that M gathered together into her own or the furtive rehearsing of the flash mob/toast.  The wedding party, and a good and adorable portion of the aforementioned flashmob were kids - M’s two teenage boys and the rest nieces and nephews of the two brides. Royal blue and white (note L.'s spotless Vans) pulled in everything from the flower girls dresses to the best men and their flat brimmed hats.

It was all family. All love.  All dance party. All blisswork.