2011 | A Year In Pictures

This is a massive post. (Also hugely out of order) What a year.  I suspect you can say that every year.  I am so ready to start 2012, I don't know what.

memes of 2011:

as witnessed through my lens

  • men embracing their socks and ties. snazzy style. argyles and plaids. and hats.
  • the return of color.  the larger consciousness collectively ready to embrace a visual expression of exuberance again?  i like it.
  • footprint consciousness. mostly seen in paper straws.  sometimes with polkadots. sometimes with stripes.
  • raw bars.  yesssss!
  • receptions as dance parties.  emphasis on both dance and party
  • everyone around me keeps breeding
Some of these, as faithful readers, you've seen. Others you probably haven't.  Enjoy the visual journal of 2011.