Company One .:. Gala

Over dumplings and wine, in the quiet with disappointment moments post superbowl - Devin asked me to shoot the Company One Gala.  He told me it would be a cool party.  I was too stunned over the last five minutes of the game to register much.  I put it on my calendar and suddenly it was April 19. In addition is hosting the superbowl and subsequent Soul Train dance-off, Devin also runs One Love Entertainment.  He brought the following local performers to the party: DJ Saucy Lady, Samantha Farrell, Sean Fielder, Fedner Dorrelus and NIA Dance Troupe, Noriko Terada and Yuki Kanesaka, The Floorlords (crushing it as usual), Khalid Hill and Lekisha Benjamin and my pal Percy Wright.

A few from the night.  If only I hadn't had to go home early.