Stylin' on Lady Date Night with Lisette and Suhayl

So, Lisette is one awesome woman.  She's also an amazing hair and make up artist, and a wonderful collaborator.  She and her partner in styling Suhayl are now doing Lady Date Styling Parties.  When I found they were having a special on this, I signed up right away. Lisette and Suhayl showed up with pink champagne, and carts of goodies. They tricked my little apartment out into a hip styling salon and transformed us into the glamorous mamas we knew we always were.  Since I was busy getting my eyes and hair done, I didn't get to do full 'before and afters' - but next time.  Because there will be a next time.

Ready to break out the Pink Champagne and learn how to make yourself look fabulous?  Check them out now.