Great Lives Deserve Great Art

Boston photographer Allana Taranto. Wedding,  Modern Glamour and Portrait photographer. Inquisitive dreamer. Tenacious creative.

Boston photographer Allana Taranto. Wedding,  Modern Glamour and Portrait photographer. Inquisitive dreamer. Tenacious creative.

You live with purpose.  You adventure.  You are yourself, always.  You celebrate in your own ways.  You care lovingly for the people in your life, including yourself.  

You are a rare bird.  You follow your own path.  You dream big.  

You are in love with your life.

And I love that.

Family to family, the framework is similar: commitments, arrivals, triumphs , transitions, but the specifics in those universal moments of connection are as individual as the people themselves. I am witness to moments of extreme emotion; moments that are rare and precious and expressive gestures of love.

As a love photographer, I’m looking for what I call lyrical moments - those gestures of love that reveal honesty and beauty and relationships.  When I see and capture those moments, I get goosebumps, I tear up, I feel the sparkle of the intangible; the unknowable; the divine.  I want to record and feel as much as I can bear to; to capture every moment however fleeting.  One of the compelling things about photography is that it illuminates the past and reach into the future.  There’s the intimate and universal in one moment.  During a wedding or portrait session we carve out time to connect with each other.  Connection is the core of my work as a photographer.  There isn’t a moment to waste.  Be present. Be brave. Share your self.

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Blisswork.  In one (compound) word, blisswork pretty much sums up what I do. 

When I don't have one of my cameras against my face or am not waxing on about nonverbal communication and Visual Thinking, or playing with my adorable dog Sadie, I like to read, cook, stream 90s television shows, sip whiskey, think about urban design and have MJ dance parties with my man.  I have been referred to as having an aura of awesome. A moniker that I will take, thank you kindly.

For two and a half magical years, Ars Magna was a part of Ad Hoc Boston, a creative co-working space filled with an energetic group of people passionate about our disciplines, our communities, and our crafts.  In addition to doing a ton of work there, we hosted creative industry focused events and the occasional blow-out rager, goldsprint and hula-hooping contest.  

Ars Magna is Latin for Great Art.  It's a nod to my time at Boston Latin School, where I translated various war diaries (not my favorite) and epic poems of love (my favorite!).  Ars Magna is also an anagram of anagrams. 

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