Hello, I’m Allana. I tell stories. In pictures.

I am honored to spend most days photographing interesting people. The images I create reflect the love, connection and transformation in our lives.  Choosing to a photographer to tell your love story is, in many ways, an investment, and I am honored to work with clients who share their lives with me so candidly.

My partner and I live in a giant live/work loft with our son, who since his arrival has usurped my instagram feed.  When my cameras are not in my hands, you might find me experimenting with whimsical knitting project, but most likely I’ll be cooking, eating or daydreaming about the next travel adventure.   

Ars Magna is Latin for Great Art.  It’s also a nod to my years at Boston Latin School, where I translated various war diaries (not my favorite) and epic poems of love (my favorite!).  Ars Magna is also an anagram of anagrams. So, there’s also that.

Made it this far? I choose to take that as a good sign.  Please get in touch, I’d love to hear your love story!  You can reach me via email at:

If you’re all about that social media, you can find me on instagram here: @ars_magna and here:

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You live with purpose.

You adventure.

You are yourself, always.

You celebrate in your own ways.

You care lovingly for the people in your life, including yourself.

You follow your own path.

You dream big.

You acknowledge each other.

You stay present.

You are open.

You say yes!

You are in love with your life.

And I love that.