great love storiesdeserve great art


You adventure. You follow your own path. You live with purpose.

You celebrate in your own way. You take care of the people in your life, including yourself.

And you can only be yourself. You find yourself doing your own thing, beating your own path, dreaming big and being fully present in your life.

You deeply love the people in your life.

And I love that.




In addition to running my own boutique photography studio – 

I am a collector of cookbooks, seashell earrings and piles of paper.

I favor dim sum for weekend brunches on occasion. 

My favorite flowers are lilies, and my favorite day of the week is Thursday. I shoot on Thursdays and and it’s the right day to start dreaming about the weekend. After decades of practice, I cut my own hair. Sometimes the curls look great. Sometimes they hide under a scarf.  While diamonds are sparkly and fun, my son is this girl’s best friend. 

For more personal information, please write to my mother. 

Connection is at the core of being a photographer.  Our lives are full of significant events, both public and private.  Be present. Be brave. Share yourself. There isn’t a moment to waste.