Some of you already know.  Some of you have already been over. I won the housing lottery.  For real.  *beam*

Over the summer, I’ve moved to and have been living and working in a live/work (this is obvious, yes?) loft at Factory63, an Innovation District/Fort Point project by Gerding-Edlen. It’s a beautiful space, with inconceivably high ceilings and closets, closets, closets! And it’s right across the street from the delights of soy pickled deviled eggs at Blue Dragon. So, basically it is perfection.

While I adore Fort Point, it’s not yet filled the space in my heart for my beloved Fenway and Citizen, Tasty or the Roberto Clemente Dog Park Allstars, but it’s getting close. The new neighbors (Imani, David, Karl and Bill) have been wonderful, and Sadie is nesting into this seaport scene.

Next Open Studios is the weekend of May 10/11.


The studio is set up for you – always.