As it is winter and cold, and babies are small, we scheduled their family portrait session at their home in Jamaica Plain.  I spend some time with this loving new family, who are clearly so comfortable together and loving getting to know each other this winter.  

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Even at three months, Caroline and Charlotte’s personalities were clearly distinct. They were fantastic subjects – Carolyn even did her first ever roll over while I was there.  If that’s not a way to say hello, I don’t know what is.

Tilly the lab hung out with us a little too.  I suspect she was patiently waiting to go for a walk.  

At the end of the portrait session, mom and dad put the girls in these matching suits. Hmmm.

A new sister rivalry has begun.  Boston, stay alert.  

Thanks to new parents for welcoming me into their homes, and for allowing me to capture some of these beautiful moments of bonding and love.  It is, and I say this sincerely, an honor to be a part of capturing your lives.