cmac wedding photographer spring outdoor ceremony

CMAC Wedding Photography | Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center

Last time we saw this family, their Cambridge wedding was a year away.

Teachers are a special breed.  I know, I was once one of them.  They value tradition, but aren't ruled by it.  There is consistency and earnestness inherent.  Able to be serious. Ready to have fun. Both bride and groom, as well as a good amount of the wedding guests were teachers.  Just a few of the reasons I enjoyed working with M. and I at their Cambridge wedding.

From the custom converse on the groomsmen (and for the dancing bride) to the vows read from an iphone (so 2011, right?) they owned this wedding day.  Though, the couple's daughter, Frannie, nearly stole the show in her green dress and purple shoes. We made a few portraits in the courtyard at Le Meridien, then onward to the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, where the flowering trees flanked the sunset ceremony in the courtyard.  Strolling reception gave way to dancing, and toasts and cake.

Life is surprises.  M.'s vows began with an acknowledgement of that.  Life is unexpected.  Life is love.

And a special thanks to Douglas Levy for working with me on this one!

Miss Sadie at The Studio

So Sadie is at home, while I am out in SF for a wedding today.  Yesterday I get a text from Karin who has been taking care of her while I'm out of town - apparently Sadie spent the afternoon playing the the park with Dustin, Kelli and Dylan Pedroia.  Can I be jealous of my own dog?
Here she is modeling for me in the studio.  She's a fairly spectacular dogface.

Boston Portrait Photography | Twin Sisters

Love it when kids look simultaneously like adults and like children.