Like all Ars Magna portraits, Playdates are a collaboration between the photographer and your family.  Playdates are planned especially for your family, so you are doing to capture the things love to do together – in your own space.  

Playdates are perfect for families with newborns, and for days when the weather turns cold.  We love capturing cozy family moments in the comfort of home.

At Playdates there is little formal posing.  When captured in a photograph, what happens in the natural rhythms of your family’s life are often the most treasured.  

The focus of the playdate session is on your family’s interaction and connection with each other in your home. Don’t worry about children posing or cooperating.  What will likely happen during a playdate at your home? Eating, burping, yawning, stretching, snuggling, playing, hugging, kissing, crying and, of course, laughing.