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Connection is at the core of my work as a photographer.

be present. be brave.

You live with purpose.  You adventure.  You are yourself, always.  You celebrate in your own ways.  You care lovingly for the people in your life, including yourself.  

You are a rare bird.  You follow your own path.  You dream big.  

You are in love with your life.

And I love that.

This isn't about looking perfect.

this is about embracing yourselves.

If you are motivated by likes on IG or fb, then this is not for you.  If you are price shopping, this isn’t for you.  If all you want are grip and grins – this isn’t for you.

Even if our milestone moments are similar (commitments, arrivals, triumphs, transitions) the specifics are as individual as we are ourselves.  As a photographer, I bear witness to these moments both big and small; moments that are rare and precious. Time that you will love reliving.

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As a photographer, I look for what I call the lyrical moments – gestures of love that reveal the honest, the funny, the weird, and the beautiful in our relationships. One of the best things about photographs is that they illuminate the past and reach into the future at the same time – the intimate and universal are there captured right there in one moment.

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