How to Choose Photos for Wedding Album

How to Choose Photos for Your Wedding Album

Your reference guide as you choose images for your wedding album. 

I've already given the reasons why I think everyone should move past "just digital files" and opt for printing their wedding pictures and making beautiful wedding albums.  Below is my guide on how to choose photos for your wedding album.  

The amount of images you have in your wedding album corresponds to the size of your wedding and the hours of wedding day coverage. Keep in mind that the more family and guests you want to have in our album, the bigger it gets.  I suggest you begin by choosing 40 as a starting point.

Choose the images that you feel the most connection to and that showcase the moments you want to preserve and remember. There is no one-size-fits-all formula. Just like each relationship, each wedding and each marriage, each wedding album is different.

It comes down to these two things: Look for the essentials. Trust your instincts. This album will tell your story - and your story is important. 

Here are the highlights to look for when you are choosing photos for your wedding album. 


cape cod wedding photography sunset

Choose an establishing shot or one hero image that sums up the romance of the day. This could be an image of the venue, a wide- angle view of the ceremony, or one of your favorite portraits of the two of you. Like a movie preview, this establishing shot gives an overview of the day, before the wedding day story begins.


cambridge ma wedding photography prayer before ceremony

Select your favorites from the time before the ceremony begins. These finishing touches before vows are said are a lovely part of the wedding day story. Find the meaningful details and moments as you prepare for the wedding ceremony.


lyman estate wedding photos first look

Did you do a First Look before the guests arrived? Look for a mix of action, reaction and portraits from this reveal. Include scenic images that showcase your surroundings in addition to closer framing of your faces as you see each other for the first time.

boston wedding photographer family portrait copley square


Don’t forget your wedding party and family portraits! This selection doesn’t need to be traditional or formal. If both sides of the families were represented, make sure to include an even mix.


cape cod wedding photography sunset

The wedding day hinges on the ceremony. Here, go for a mix of wide shots and close-up of the action. The ring exchange and the kiss are key. Did someone speak, or give a blessing?  Include any special parts of your ceremony.


boston city hall wedding photos

Opt for a mix of wide and close-up images of the two of you together. These can be both portraits and candid moments.


duxbury bay maritime academy wedding photography

You both chose this particular location for a reason. Pick images of the venue and the details that made your celebration unique. Things like guest seating or menu cards, your dessert table or a Revolutionary War Reenactment fife and drum.


commanders mansion arlington wedding pictures

There’s connection, laughter, sometimes tears during these dance steps. Opt for some images from your first dance together. If you also danced with your parents, include images from parent dances.


wedding toasts shalin liu performance center photography

Go for both action (the person toasting) and the reaction (your emotional response) for the toasts. These will be designed with the speakers on one side and your reactions to their words on the other.


commanders mansion wedding photography cake cutting

Did you cut into your wedding cake, or pie, with glee? Was there smashing? Kissing? Cute children waiting anxiously? Choose one one or two photos that stand out to you.


duxbury bay maritime academy wedding photography

Make sure you immortalize a handful of those killer party dance moves on the pages of your album. Look for celebratory movement, laughter, and sweat. Some dance moves are forever.


misselwood wedding photography sunset

Think about an image with which to end your wedding album. Did I whisk you off the dance floor to make an evening portrait of the two of you? Do you want to use an image that sums up the party? You could even close with a detail image of your rings. Think final credits of a movie you love and want to watch all over again.

I love photographing weddings and sending the final images off to clients in gorgeous heirloom albums that are sure to be treasured.  

Want learn more about wedding photography and wedding albums? Just ask!  

Duxbury Bay Maritime Academy Wedding Album!

boston wedding albums photography

wedding photographer boston album leather

boston wedding photos wedding album

Returning for a bit to this beautiful wedding at the Duxbury Bay Maritime Academy.  It was a colder and rainier than expected day, but everyone was in full spirits the whole day.  Sharing a few more of my favorite images and some of the pages from their beautiful wedding album.  

duxbury bay maritime academy rainy wedding kiss

duxbury bay maritime academy indoor wedding photography

duxbury bay maritime academy wedding photographer indoor ceremony

duxbury bay maritime academy wedding photos reception

duxbury bay maritime academy wedding photos first dance


Over the years, specifically as Facebook has taken over as our life journal record, I've found that clients don't want wedding albums like they used to.  I keep hearing 'all we want is the digital files.' In the constant evolution in consuming media and view images.  We are used to seeing our life memories through media readily available to us in our pockets (like our phones). I get it.  Having access to digital files (and right now!) has become the expectation. 

Yet,  I value the experience of holding the actual photography.  Prints and albums don't need any tool to interface with them.  No electricity.  No internet access.  As you can hold them in your hands and feel them under your fingertips,  as objects they become as important as the images they hold. 

Presented below are a few spread from a wedding album I designed for the Duxbury Bay Maritime Academy wedding this fall.  This wedding album will be a beautiful object to treasure, to share with friends and family. The experience of remembering and sharing those memories is more intimate than sending someone a gallery link on screen..

telling a story

One reason that I love photographing weddings is storytelling.  Each wedding album is carefully and custom designed in a sequence. Each page and page spread reads visually as both a singular moment and a unified part of your story.  A wedding album is something that you will return to and enjoy for years.

wedding album duxbury bay maritime academy wedding photography powder point

wedding album duxbury bay maritime academy wedding photography family formals

wedding album duxbury bay maritime academy wedding photographer indoor ceremony

wedding album duxbury bay maritime academy wedding photographer boatyard portraits

wedding album duxbury bay maritime academy wedding photography reception

wedding album duxbury bay maritime academy wedding photography reception cake dancing

wedding album duxbury bay maritime academy wedding photographs reception dancing

Getting physical  - Not digital

Remember that interacting with something tangible and physical is different than scrolling through a gallery on your phone.  Imagine holding a beautifully bound wedding albums in your hands.  This is an object that you don't have to plug in or charge to look through.  This wedding album will be treasured as future generations handle it with love and wonder.  

You'll be glad that you have it.  To hold, to look at, to hold your memories. 

If you only got digitals and want to get the ball rolling on your wedding album, start by favoriting your must-haves in your gallery.  Submit those favorites to me, and we begin from there.  Want to hold and to touch examples? Let's set a date this January to start planning and designing the best album for you.  

My annual call is back:

Bring back the physical object!  Save and treasure love notes!  Print and frame images of the people you care about! Experience memories without ‘screen time.’ Be thoughtful about how we vision our lives! Care for, and create lovingly, our own history!

So excited to ship these out for the holiday!



Cambridge Engagement Portraits .:. Harvard Square love story

These sweethearts just had their wedding on Saturday. With my epic delay in blog postings, I am just now getting to their Cambridge engagement portraits.
This was a beautiful morning in Harvard Square. We had to reschedule a few times because of the epic heat waves that hit the city earlier in the summer.  J. chose such a gorgeous color for her dress. I left them feeling as bubbly and happy and lovely as they were.  And that's a nice feeling.

Taj Boston Wedding Photography .:. Parents make Three

Remember last images of 2011? That New Year's Eve in Boston wedding, when I got to photograph the wedding at the Taj? We finally finished all three albums.  Here are a few shots of the couple's black silk heirloom album and their parent image books which come in a frosted case.

Boston Boudoir Photography .:. Little Black Books or The Intimate Album

Just in to the studio, and just about to be sent out, two albums from recent boudoir portrait sessions.  A few details from these beauties, which are hand crafted with matte paper and black Italian book cloth.  While the size is modest, the sentiment is decidedly not.

Willowdale Wedding Photography .:. Fine Art Presentation Box

Albums are bound in a specific page order which asks that you look at your wedding photography in a particular sequence of images.  If that's just too structured and traditional for you - check out the Fine Art Presenation Box - basically an album unbound. (Can we call that an unalbum? a rethought album? a pretty silk box of matted prints to touch?)  With the Presentation Box, you experience the images in any order you want.  You can put some of them in frames, and rotate images as you wish.  It's expandable too - You can add to the box as events in your life unfold.
Cool, yes?

This is the Fine Art Presentation Box from a wedding in Boston last May.