how to hang family photos on the wall boston portrait photographer

Decorating with Family Photography

Decorating with Family Photography

how to hang family photos on the wall boston portrait photographer

I've been working on a guide to hanging family photos.  It's in the works as an adobe spark page at the moment.  I wanted to share a few images that will eventually get into the guide.  And as I was pulling out the props for those images - I realized I had a few images that needed to make their way onto our walls.  I did, after all, get them printed (yay me!) and framed (double yay!!).  So that's what I will be doing this afternoon. Finishing up projects.  And I can confirm that this does, in fact, feel good.

How to Hang Family Pictures on the Wall

Our home reflects our personal style and is filled with the things that make us both happy.  And your should too. After all your space tells your story.

Family portraits add warmth and communicate the love in your family.  Choosing which images to print and frame can be a fun way to show your personalities.  When you incorporate family portraits into your home, you and your children see your loved ones and understand your place within the larger community.

Family photos don’t have to be reserved for private spaces.  I like to mix it up and have out family images integrated with all the other things we've collected; artwork, flea market finds, random glass animals and the plants that are hanging on for dear life. 

Start with a plan. These are the kind of things you should know the answers to.

  • Where are you going to put the photograph?
  • What size should you get the image printed? (Usually it's bigger than you think)
  • What kind of frame would look best for the space it's going to inhabit and the actual image?  How much are you willing to spend on a frame?
  • Do you know where you hammer is?  Or do you need to borrow a neighbor's concrete/brick drill bit.


how to hang family photos on the wall boston portrait photographer

My Favorite Places to Hang Family Photos

    • Hallways - literally make a visual journey for the walk
    • Staircases - usually underutilized wall space
    • Entryway - what you see first and last
    • Family Room - set the tone for how you like to enjoy time together
    • Kitchen - mix it up with photos & art & menus!


how to hang family photos on the wall boston portrait photographer


how to hang family photos on the wall boston portrait photographer


Even more of family wall decor ideas over here at Creative Designs' by Fern!  Lots of pictures for inspiration.  Plus tremendous hand modeling by my sweetheart.


A Week in SF

The last week of March I spend in San Francisco.  It has been nearly ten years since I left.  Much has changed.  Much has not.  I went out there specifically to be part of the live audience of Creative Live's Social Media Week.  In addition to being one of my favorite ways of learning from my photo industry educators, CreativeLive is an web-based ed broadcast where you can take live classes anywhere in the world.  I attended a full week of classes at their SF headquarters.  We spent each day in the studio learning from amazing instructors who are experts on their respective digital platforms.  So now I understand when and why to use FacebookLive, IG Stories and how much fun Snapchat can be.

The Engineer asked me if I really needed to go out to be there in person.  He was curious if it was worth it - I knew that it would be and it certainly was.  I was chosen to be one of the 30 live audience members from a pool of almost 200.  And I knew that it would be more than just taking in knowledge. It would be a time and space for me to fully connect with what I was learning, to connect and process all the information with my classmates (who have become friends!) and also to reconnect with my SF friends (out every night for a catching up dinner while I was there).

It helped synthesize the days courses that my SF friends are primarily working in the tech world and had a different understanding of how FB views ads for example, or what Uber is really up to (their latest acquisition).  I spent most of the time between the Mission, where I was staying with friends, and the CL studio.

Being a live audience member was an incredible experience.  Our mama bear for the week was Mariangela Abeo, who made sure we were all fed breakfast, snacks, lunches.  Oh, and also chocolates and drinks wrap party each day.  She facilitated a week of friendships and connections and made the everything appear seamless.  Though I know the production team did a tremendous amount of work we never witnessed.

But as you know, I am a people person - and the people I met were wonderful.  A few of us took an afternoon to go up to the Marin headlands and enjoy the sunshine.  Iphone portraits of a few of my CL SMW18 classmates below.  I am just loving the portrait mode.  I never even got out my dslr.  Imagine!

Monique Johnson of Live Video Lab in Atlanta.  She is the Facebook Live Guru.  And she's game for an impromptu portrait session at the Golden Gate Bridge!

Joshua Proto of Donor Bridge in Portland, Oregon.  We breakfasted over great conversations about social enterprise and homelessness and gentrification.

Dr. Riva Z. Robinson of Riva Wellness. Subscribe to her Youtube channel where she drops a new video every week on wellness, nutrition and workouts.

Model Isa Griffin of California - check her out on IG, at the beach or in the sidecars of motorcycles. 


And one Isa took of me in the field of lillies!

south boston family photographer documentary snow day winter outdoor

Our Own Family Snow Day! Leonardo's First Sled Ride

Sunday I heard Papa utter words I never hear between October and May, when he is mostly and indoor cat.

Let's go out to play!

My own father had dropped off a sled the night before, in anticipation of the first snow of the season.  Not only it is the first snow of winter, it was L's first snowy adventure.  As you can see by the images below, he didn't really know what to think.  I love the bright green snowsuit and the orange sled against the white snow.  The graphic color juxaposition reminded me of this book which I love to read to him.

He's growing so fast.  You can see how much when you compare this little boy to the baby boy here and here.

south boston family photographer documentary snow day winter outdoor sled

south boston family photographer documentary snow day winter outdoor

south boston family photographer documentary snow day winter outdoor

south boston family photographer documentary snow day winter outdoor

south boston family photographer documentary snow day winter outdoor

south boston family photographer documentary snow day winter outdoor

south boston family photographer documentary snow day winter outdoor

family photo first Christmas tree

approaching 9 months

infant first Christmas tree infant first Christmas tree stocking family photo first Christmas tree The Holiday season is officially upon us.  One, or in our case three, Thanksgivings under our belts and family Hanukkah and Christmas festivities on the horizon.

Nardito is more charming and fun every day, as you can see from the images here - he's pretty adorable.  He is most definitely a people person. One of his favorite activities this month is patrolling the hallways of Midway on his push car and saying hello to our neighbors.

Holidays feel different this year.  Over the last year, watching this little one grow and learn, I have rediscovered delight in the simplest of things - wind blowing, dogs sneezing, lights sparkling.  It's contagious, this curiosity and wonder.  And my long dormant holiday spirit has been rekindled.

We have begun to build own family holiday traditions.  Beginning with sorting out which of our respective family traditions do we continue to honor and which ones will be build ourselves? Clearly the mornings of panettone is one that we will make our very own.  The ideal way to begin a day of memory making.

We opted for hosting this year, which is be a first.  It's been a very long time (maybe a decade?) since I had a Christmas tree.  It's been magical to see it every night over the last week.

Do we go all out on a holiday card?  I mean this kid is pretty adorable and at my disposal.  Can I keep myself from continuing to squeeze him into this adorable Hanna Anderson pjs (pictured above) so he looks like a little Christmas elf?  Is this why his ears are so notable?

Which pictures do we have printed and framed?  This is a big one - there's room in Nardito's bedroom for lots of artwork.

Prints Are Forever

Prints Are Forever

Why You Should Print Your Photos

Recently catching up on Amazon’s Catastrophe a small and brilliant scene in the penultimate episode where sibling rivalry comes to an ugly head.  Sharon looks around her parents house and only sees framed images of her brother and his children - none of her family and her children.  She sees this a favoritism.  In face, as her brother points out, he sends the grandparents framed prints.  They don’t know what to do with jpeg attachments.  This is pretty accurate.  If you send someone a framed print, chances are they will put it somewhere they can enjoy it - and think of you.  If you send them a digital file - they may pull it up to show a friend over coffee but they are unlikely to print and frame it.

My heart breaks when I hear that people want “just” the digitals. It’s the images that have value.  And they are worth printing.

Objects Have Aura

Our home has it’s own stashes of historic objects - historic to our lives. I am sure that your belongings include objects that speak to your life and hold memories for you.  

As a photographer I create visual histories.  As objects, photographs help you understand and know who you are and where you came from. Prints are a way to talk about family, relationships and memories that is away from screen time.  

They inherently hold a personal understanding and connect you to your place in history.  Physical objects are full of aura.  Holding them in your hands has emotional impact.  Printed photographs impart a connection to your history. An important and tangible connection.  We use our family photographs to reflect on and to understand ourselves.

Digital Obsolescence

Tech is rapidly created and just as rapidly cast aside as the newer, better and faster option comes along.  Sure, your images might be in an instagram feed or buried in a facebook album - but in all the noise that we create and share daily - the best images and the ones that you want to continue to interact with, can easily get lost.  

nursery wall portrait over crib boston family photographer allana taranto

Don’t Print Everything  

You’ll be too overwhelmed. Curate the best.  Part of the editing process in our work as professional photographers iis culling the best from all the images we capture.  This process is worthwhile, and I recommend you do it with your family photographs - even if they are taken with your camera phone.  Choose the images you love the best, the ones that make you smile or cry or your heart swell.  Those are the ones to hold on to and to treasure Those are the ones you should print.

One of my new favorite midnight blogs to read is Chris Loves Julia.  They shared an elegant solution for creating a gallery of family photos that is kid friendly (safe and fingerprint resistant) and easily changed out as your family grows and changes.

You can DIY a wall like this up yourself - There’s a Home Depot post about it here

Both mention etsy shop Highland Hardware.  I’m tempted to add this project to the ever expanding list of things for which I will likely never have time.  But I do have the prints!  

How many pictures of your life and your family do you have?  How many are on a wall or on a shelf that you can interact with daily?  How does that help you connect to them? 

Parenthood: 90 Days

boston family portrait photographer

90 Days of Parenthood

play group new moms north end

Nardito and I have just returned from a few days traveling solo, without the engineer. Wow.  What a difference it makes to have a second parent around! We were staying with friends, none of whom have children.  I realized how different my life rhythms are 90 days later.  We survived our 48 hours away and happily cozied up at home together as a family again.


In a section in the end of happiest baby on the block, the author notes that we live in a time people are raising children in nuclear families.  And I am so grateful that James and I are not in fact doing this. We have a several spheres of loving support. 

three month old pajamas bed

 Our families have been tremendously helpful. Our neighbors at Midway (including the other new parents) have been amazing. And the moms group that I've joined have also been wonderful. (I'm the kind of person that's reluctant to do something like join a new mothers group. But I'm so glad that I did.)

Special shout out to one of my best friends since high school, Margot, who forged this Motherhood and business woman path ahead of me. She has been not only giving us material items, but also sharing wisdom and making sure that we take the time to reflect on and enjoy parenting.  


documentary family photography newborns in car

Our baby book has lots of blank space for writing.  I haven’t filled out much of it yet.  I would have excessed that chore, though the legacy of both my and the engineer’s lengthy baby books keeps the guilt on that front going.  But I have been taking an absurd amount of pictures.  An astute reader will have noticed the distinct shift in my instagram feed.  So far he’s been to Maine and Rhode Island and the Berkshires.  He’s taken adventures into the North End and Brookline.  He’s been to Chinatown.  Erupted in his first fit of giggles. Endured bath time without tears.  And received a blessing from the priest at the new Shrine of Our Lady of Good Voyage.

Challenges & Solutions

changing table family photojournalism

Balance has not been attained, but the idea of it seems like less than a mirage week by week.

These things are what we have worked on together: 

Learning to nurse in bed and Nardito’s growing head control were game changers for me.  Learning his cues, particularly for sleep, was key.  

Figuring out what to wear for easy breastfeeding access that wasn’t looking like pajamas. After spending much of the winter in layers of leggings and dark colors I was ready to slip back into my spring clothes.  They fit, mostly.  Though many of them weren’t quite suitable to feeding the baby and absorbing spit up.   

Finding time to exercise.  Once my baseline strength came back, I wanted to be moving and getting back to the yoga studio.  Having trouble finding the time.  The downtime I get is filled up with my own basic needs (shower anyone?) and my work.  I’ve been fitting little bits in here and there.  And when I can find an uninterrupted stretch of time I pull out the yoga mat and put on Yoga with Adriene.

More in Love Every Day

This selfie pretty much sums it up!