A few weeks ago, Ars Magna and Ad Hoc hosted a workshop by Mexican photographer Fer Juaristi.  Fer's work has been in my reader for the past few years, and I was delighted to host him at the studio.  He is charming and earnest and an incredible photographer.  We worked with a great couple, who are getting married in Mexico next year.

where have I been all my life?

Apparently I am spending way too much computer time reading this blog, or that blog and consuming various McSweeney's columns, than than blogging my own work.  It's not as though I haven't been shooting my ass off (tangentally I wish that photography actually did burn calories, specifically summer beer drinking calories).
But really. Really!

Big change impending.  For the best. I am dreaming big. Feeling for the first time a while creatively and spiritually engaged (yes, I have noticed that those two like tend to hang out together).

Sometimes I am a dreamer. Sometimes the pragmatic, snarky facade cracks and I am wild-eyed with possibility.

Miss Sadie at The Studio

So Sadie is at home, while I am out in SF for a wedding today.  Yesterday I get a text from Karin who has been taking care of her while I'm out of town - apparently Sadie spent the afternoon playing the the park with Dustin, Kelli and Dylan Pedroia.  Can I be jealous of my own dog?
Here she is modeling for me in the studio.  She's a fairly spectacular dogface.