Fort Point Open Studios Spring 2014!

I keep telling people that they should come check out the neighborhood for Open Studios. That it is on Mother's Day weekend. And I keep getting the sheepish response ".... when is Mother's Day?" while proverbial tails are being tucked between legs. So here it is: May 9-11, 2014! Now put it on your calendars and if you have a mama to send a card to, do that as well.  Your efforts, as you know, will be appreciated.
I'll be hosting visitors at my live/work space on the first floor of Factory63. Bring the moms in your life!

New Orleans!

I flew down to shoot a wedding in New Orleans this weekend with one of my all time favorite photographers, K.  Aside from our day of work, what did we do with our time in New Orleans? We ate! We sipped cocktails, but did not swipe the glasses! We marveled and wandered and soaked the sun in.
Before the wedding on Saturday, we took ourselves on a little walking tour of the Garden District. Next time, I hope to take in a historic house tour, or a plantation tour. Because, there will be a next time.

Later in the afternoon, we photographed an amazingly gorgeous wedding. This couple was serious about their music and food. As I guess they should be, to have a destination wedding in New Orleans. The band, who came down from Atlanta, was, as the youth say. a force. Without stopping, they played a three and a half hour set. Without stopping.

And on Sunday, a Sunday. It's been a long time since K and I were cruising around on a Sunday morning. She suggested we take Dena's instructions to check out Cafe du Monde. The line was snaking down the street, and like a snake, it moved quickly. As it happens, you can make a fast turnover when your options are beignets and coffee. And that is it. Reached my powdered sugar quota of the year. And rediscovered cafe au lait.

We wandered. Wandered and found a gem of a lingerie shop, where the charming shopgirl, who was also an avid reader of The Lingerie Addict! I ended up buying a set for myself. In coral, with beautiful lace.

We kicked off the afternoon at Pat O'Brien's for the obligatory hurricane. That had us living easy for the rest of the afternoon until our scheduled scandals and cocktail hour at five. A stop for muffalettas at Central Grocery, where we sat on stools, washing each amazing bite it down with mouthfuls of Bud Light. So civilized, we.

Following the sound of music to Armstrong park, we got a good dose of the Congo Square Rhythms Festival! Listening to the music, I closed my eyes wanting to lean into the sounds, to drown myself in waves of horn.

We were the only two for our cocktail and scandals tour. Win! Began with a Pimm's Cup at the Hermes bar at Antoine's. So much memorializing and gilded age of mardi gras costumes enshrined like the Germaine Wells museum at Arnaud's.  Our guide James took us to several key spots, including one I had discovered Friday night - the French 75 at Arnaud's. This time we had the eponymous cocktail, which they make true to the French with Cognac in lieu of the more American gin. And yes it had a kick. James also took us to the Monteleone Hotel bar which is the grande dame of rotating bars to circus circus' vintage Vegas one. This may have been my favorite spot, with the strange yet lovely comfort of a slow and steady counterclockwise swirl. We sampled the grasshopper and the sazerac there. I preferred the Chris Hannah sazerac.

We ended the night at the Pirate Alley Absinthe House, first time K had absinthe. I'm not sure I had it since a memorable and fateful Christmas Eve in Excelsior when I lived in SF.  She liked it. One more for fennel lovers!
We also took a peek at over the rooftops of French quarter from the top of the Omni Royal at sundown.

I fell asleep watching a animal planet show about mermen and drinking one of the shiner bocks with which K had stocked our mini fridge. It was a fantastic weekend.

Things I ate that were amazing:
BBQ shrimp
Red beans and rice
Charbroiled oysters

Favorite Drink:
Chris Hannah crafted sazerac

Here are some images from my iphone . . . as they say the best camera is the one you have with you.

Fine Art Friday .:. Weems at the Guggenheim

As she was a definitive part of the photo department canon, I have been into Carrie Mae Weems' work since my days at Hampshire College.  When I read her quote from the New Yorker about having the first show at the Guggenheim:  “I’m the first African-American woman to have a retrospective at the Guggenheim. Not to sound pretentious, but I should be having a show there. By now, it should be a moot point for a black artist—but it’s not.” - I knew I had to put her on our list of shows to see.
It was amazing to see the Kitchen Table Series in its entirety. One image at a time cannot compare with the narrative in it's whole. In grad school, even I tried my hand at figuring out how to photograph two people, semi-successfully,  negotiating the domestic space.  With a 2 1/4 no less!  It was certainly not as successful as this.

Click this link to read more about Weems.

This post is accompanied by a photo that I took with the ubiquitous iphone from outside the building.

Lingerie Lessons from France .:. Gaultier at BAM

Oh. My. Talk about getting lingerie lessons from the source!

I will be ever grateful that Christy encouraged us to head over the the Brooklyn Art Museum to catch The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk.

Where, where, where to start?

I know. How about from high-drama!

From the teddy bear on which the boy Gaultier fashioned a paper cone bra - to the polaroids from Madonna's Blonde Ambition costume fittings.  And then there was the video projection of models faces on the mannikins; winking, staring, sighing, wearing corsets and reciting Jacques Prévert's Je Suis Comme Je Suis.    It was all terrifically captivating!

Check out some of my favorite looks from the show.  This should get the inspiration for your next boudoir shoot going.

Try mixing feminine and masculine, like Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan, and like any number of classic Gaultier looks that we saw.  There's a great read, specifically on the Susan's sartorial choices, and on wearing men's clothing in a totally female way here.

Don't hide your shape - celebrate it!

winter sunday morning gem

As soon as I got back from the pastry mission at Flour, I poured a cup of coffee and peeked into the bedroom to find this tableau.

Boston Headshot .:. Portrait Kill

My friend Sam's brother Isaac is an _amazing_ designer.  One of the things I treasure about his website is that he includes a section of kills: images his clients do not choose, but he loves enough to share.
I've been doing a string of headshots this winter.  Here is a kill from a shoot last week.  Cover ready, I think. Recognize this handsome face?