What Is Making Me Happy This Year (2013 edition)

Have I been shrouded in the deepest mystery? Engaged in otherworldly pursuits? Nope. Just busy.

2013 has been a whirlwind, and here I go again obviously not blogging as much I intend.  The evidence of this is the folder quietly filling up on dropbox.

But now here it is in one fell swoop!


What is making me happy this year?  My clients! More things that are making me happy this year:

  • The eclectic podcast quartet that regulates my listening week (specifically PHCC, Savage Love, 99% Invisible and BackStory)
  • Dinner parties around Game of Thrones (lemon cake, anyone?)
  • A subscription to the Huntington Theatre
  • New friends made through Co (like neighbor/comic artist inkydave)
  • Scandal, my new soap engine of choice
  • Learning HVAC from the gorgeous mind of Maskcara
  • Last minute trip to Wilmington to visit another cherished friend and cheer her on at her museum opening at the DCCA
  • Our trip to San Francisco, where everyone I knew was either having babies, buying houses or getting hips replaced - yet still wanting to eat oysters and drink wine and laugh (thank goodness)
  • watching a dear friend graduate, get a job and be so happy doing good in the world
  • The Engineer for his affections, support and ever practical gift giving

Many happy wishes for 2014!

New Digs: my life peripatetic no longer

Some of you already know.  Some of you have already been over. I won the housing lottery.  For real.  *beam*

Over the summer, I've moved to and have been living and working in a live/work (this is obvious, yes?) loft at Factory63, an Innovation District/Fort Point project by Gerding-Edlen. It's a beautiful space, with inconceivably high ceilings and closets, closets, closets! And it's right across the street from the delights of soy pickled deviled eggs at Blue Dragon. So, basically it is perfection.

While I adore Fort Point, it's not yet filled the space in my heart for my beloved Fenway and Citizen, Tasty or the Roberto Clemente Dog Park Allstars, but it's getting close. The new neighbors (Imani, David, Karl and Bill) have been wonderful, and Sadie is nesting into this seaport scene.

Next Open Studios is the weekend of May 10/11.


The studio is set up for you - always.

Christmas Eve Time Machine

What's making me happy this week?
Robots and dancing monkeys.

My sister and I wrote this letter to Santa in 1987.

Thanks to my dad for finding this and sending me a copy.

Living with Art Thursday

With this new loft - and the epic miles of vertical space that comes along with it - I keep thinking about artwork on the walls. (Is it like books and music and necklaces, Briana? Can we ever have enough?)
Thus, I am starting a series of posts showcasing how client images would look as actual wall pieces. While I don't have anything against sharing one's photos on the interweb - let's agree how nice is it to experience image enjoyment screen-free?

One of the things I aim for in any photo session is to get a hero image that sums up the event.  With weddings, and engagements these tend to be atmospheric and show the emotion and setting of the day.

Here is one of my favorite images from this summer.  It was actually shot in the hospiral room, backlit (obviously one of my go to lighting scenarios) and profiles times three.  Can it get better than this?

I went back to do a second shoot for these same clients and saw the deep and lovely custom shade of purple they painted one of the nursery walls.  I imagined how beautiful the black and white image would look over the crib.  And here you are - the hero on the wall!

Inspired to start living with fine art photography? - Drop me a line.


Boston Family Photography .:. Jim Croce Returns!

Here is your typical two year old birthday portrait: with mustache, sideburns and guitar.
As it happens, this little guy's dad has some crazy ideas.  And he has the courage to execute them.   The orange shirt is before the transition into Jim Croce.  Happy birthday!