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Visual Voice New England Engagement Portraits

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A few weeks ago I shared my initial favorites from Cassie and Alex's Berkshires engagement session.  Today I have more images from their beautiful fall engagement session along with their own words.  

I started adding Visual Voice as an option to Ars Magna portrait sessions a few years ago.  I love doing this!  When clients add their own voices to the images - the strength and resonance of their gestures of love is amplified.  

What are Visual Voice Love Stories?

What is Visual Voice? The Visual Voice sessions,are portrait sessions that include a written component.  It's a chance to express and share your feelings towards each other in language as well as in the gestures and emotion of the photographs.

How does it work?  You and your partner will answer a set of questions independently, and mail the answers back to me.  We schedule, plan and have your engagement session.  I read through your responses and pair them with images.  You’ll get a pictures only gallery as well as a gallery of select images that are paired with words.

You can see examples here, here and here

visual voice new england engagement photographer

engagement photos with dog visual voice

visual voice love story boston engagement portraits

engagement photos barn visual voice dog

dramatic lighting frame barn engagement portraits canaan

visual voice love story new england engagement photos

love story engagement photos visual voice

autumn engagement photos visual voice love story

negative space engagement pictures love story fall

barn silo engagement photos with dog

love story new england engagement pictures

If you're interested in booking A Visual Voice Session, a customized portrait session that incorporates your own words to each other, send me an email and we'll get a date on the calendar.  It requires that you be courageous and truthful in your feelings and put them into language.  You can do that, can't you?

Want to book your Visual Voice Love Story?  Don't be shy. Let's do it!  



Fall Engagement Photos New England

Engagement Photos in the Berkshires

Wanted to share a few of my favorite images from this beautiful fall engagement session that I photographed over Columbus Day weekend.  This couple opted in for Visual Voice - so a full post, complete with tears and laughter, will come later, I promise.  You can checkout another example of Visual Voice Love Story here

The autumn leaves have arrived!  And half of them, at least, are still on the trees.  Taking advantage of the natural beauty and the long weekend, we spent an afternoon on The Engineer's family property just past the Berkshires.  It turned out to be a gorgeous day and bonus that it's private property so their adorable dog could join us!  

More to come . . .

fall engagement portraits foliage

engagement portrait barn

This restored barn provided the perfect place to slip in for a dramatically lit cuddle. 

new england engagement photos fall

black and white engagement portrait berkshires

berkshires engagement phorographer

Looking forward to their wedding next year on Cape Cod!  Congratulations on the multitude of new chapters you are enjoying right now. 

New England Engagement Portraits at Clark's Cove Farm and Inn, Maine


Last Sunday I made the epic drive up to meet these lovebirds at Clark's Cove in Maine - the site of their wedding next summer.  I first met Allie and Scott many years ago when we lived in the same building in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston.  And then Bruin came into their lives and we got to know each other better over the morning ritual at the dog park. 

When they got engaged, Allie emailed me to ask if I would shoot their wedding.  Of course, I said yes!  

clarks cove wedding maine


With dreams of a Maine wedding, Scott took a day off work and drove venue to venue searching for a replacement that had their wedding date open.  It seems to be fated that he came across Clark's Cove Farm and Inn, only a short drive from where they had already reserved cabins for friends and family.  

Clark's Cove Farm and Inn is an orchard, a wedding venue, a place to hike and canoe - it's 80 acres of gorgeous mid-coastal Maine. It's got gardens and barns and a full kitchen for your caterer. The owner came out to introduce herself when I arrived to meet the couple and graciously gave us run of the property get take engagement portraits.  After the shoot we cozied up to the wood burning stove and she gave us some of their fresh pressed apple cider.  

Allie and Scott are so easy and loving together - they made the engagement session a joy!  We walked through a bit of the woods with Bruin, their dog.  Later while the pup rested, while we walked through the orchard and down to the waterfront.  

Even at 7am dog park runs, Allie was always dressed well, so it came as no surprise to me that she and Scott arrived with great wardrobe choices.  Even Bruin had a new leather collar and leash. 

maine engagement photography clark's cove farm and inn

clarks cove farm and inn wedding


It was exciting to have a venue where we could have their dog come along.  As a dog owner, I know that pets are an important part of family you are making.  

Make sure that you let your dog run around a little before we start shooting, and then again afterwards.  If we are at a new location to them, they are going to want to explore and sniff everything.  We can start with some walking images, keeping the dog on leash.  Dependent on the location and your dog(s), sometime going off leash works too.  I don't expect them to sit and pose for pictures.  We'll just let them be themselves. 

Of course after saying hello to your dog myself, I'll give some time for sniffs and they will likely smell my dog, Sadie on me.  I love dogs and dog people. 

Make sure you bring treats to reward them for their participation! 

engagement photos with dog covered bridge

I like to get some images of the whole pack from a distance showing the landscape or environment and then also some of all of you cuddling up.  

engagement portraits Portuguese water dog

At Clark's Cove Farm and Inn, there's a gorgeous little garden that we used for some of our portraits before we went down to the apple orchards. 

clarks cove farm engagement photography flowers

coming in for a kiss engagement photography maine

apple picking engagement photographer new england

apple orchard engagement photographer

Next summer will come before we know it, and I'm looking forward to photographing their wedding.  Congratulations on your engagement! 

Boston North End Engagement Photography

Engagement portrait sessions are a lot of fun.  They give us all a chance to learn about each other - you see how I work, I see how you are with each other, we get to be friends and build rapport before your wedding day.  There are also tangible results - beautiful images that are part of your love story.  For Moriah and Jon's engagement sessions, we shot in and around their neighborhood in some of their favorite places, with the environment telling part of their love story.  They loved the camera, being both playful and romantic and absolutely in love.  

began in their apartment, rare gem of multiple rooms and light on three side in Boston' North End.  A few final touches, including a swig of cold brew ice coffee and we were out the door.  We wanted to use the waterfront, the cobblestones, the bridges, the cement all of the textures of living in the city.  

Wandering along the waterfront, under the bridge, along the path that Jon takes to work on his bike.  I found it surprisingly tranquil under there while the traffic soared above out heads. 

It's easy to tell how gorgeous the weather was this morning in June.  Wearing ivory and white, they stood out against the both the urban environment and the greenery in the park. 

Before summer gets fully underway (though this last stretch of days proves that it already is) , I wanted to share some of my favorite photographs from Moriah and Jon's Engagement Session in Boston's North End.  My cameras and I will be once again with these lovebirds when they say their vows at the First Parish Church this fall.   We had a great time on a perfect weekday morning.   Can’t wait for September!

Boston Engagement Photography | The Fells

Andrew and Sunday chose to do their engagement session at a place that means a lot to them. Somewhere they enjoy spending time together, the Middlesex Fells Reservation in Winchester. After a cool and rainy morning, the sun came out, the clouds parted and we were blessed with a beautiful early spring evening as we made out way through the Fells.  As you can see, we hit the light at just the perfect time. 

This love story began with a conversation at a fondue party.  A little over a year later and these two are wildly in love and united by faith.  And in July they will be united as husband and wife. With a shared devotion to ministry and spirituality, they radiate love and compassion. 

And humor. On our way out of the Fells, we pass by a rock at the shore of the reservoir. "There's the rock!" Sunday points.  "What happened at that rock?," I ask.  "Nothing," she says. And then with a smirk, "Yet!"

Check out some of my favorite images of their Boston engagement session at the Fells. 

Boston Engagement Portrait Sessions


Engagements portraits are a chance to have beautiful and professional images of you as a couple, in your regular clothes in a place that is meaningful to you.  With a mix of gentle coaching and you two being yourselves,  it's also a fun time to make portraits without the time constraints of the wedding day. Engagement portraits give you some time to warm up in front of the camera, and build a rapport with your photographer.  It’s also a chance to use location as part of your story. This moment marks the when your individual lives becomes about your life together.  Treasure it. 


Enjoy your engagement portraits as wall portraits, save-the-date cards, your wedding invitation or a guest sign-in book.

Maybe you already have ideas on how you want to use images from your engagement session.  In Save-The-Date announcements, wedding invitations (you can to traditional paper or use an online invitation) or on a wedding website.  Maybe you want to have a beautiful portrait framed for your new home together. 

guestbook with images from engagement portrait shoot
guestbook with images from engagement portrait shoot

 More than just a portrait of you, the images and the invitation can set the tone for the celebration you are planning.  We help couples share their love story by making the engagement portrait session thoughtful and personal.

If you want to go paperless with your invitations, Paperless Post is an elegant online resource for couples looking for creative inspiration. 

Using the engagement portrait session for setting the tone in a natural environment for a casual, loving celebration.
Using the engagement portrait session for setting the tone in a natural environment for a casual, loving celebration.


Bruins fans at the old Boston Garden at their Boston engagement portrait session.
Bruins fans at the old Boston Garden at their Boston engagement portrait session.

Choose a location that means something to the two of you - a part of your life together or a place that holds a special memory makes the environment of a portrait resonate.  If you are feeling at all shy or uncomfortable about being in front of the camera, we can make the portrait session around an activity you both enjoy - going to the farmer's market, cooking dinner, taking the dog for a walk, or snow ball fights, etc.  I love the challenge of making great images anywhere, especially in a location has special meaning to the couple.

with the pack, at the dog park
with the pack, at the dog park

Maybe it’s where you met or one of your favorite places to spend time together. Places that hold a special memory make the portraits resonate.  A bit camera shy?  Then we will focus around an activity you both enjoy - an outing to the farmer’s market, cooking dinner, taking the dog for a walk, snowball fights, pub crawls or whatever is your jam.


At the engagement portrait session, I want everyone to feel completely comfortable and relaxed; so that's my gentle reminder to make sure everyone is fed and caffeinated. ;)

Simple clothes, in which you feel confident, photograph the best.  Very saturated colors, such as primary red or yellow near the face can overpower the face and add color-cast to skin. To give extra options, you are welcome to bring a change of clothing.


Schedule your engagement portrait session at least a few months before the wedding. Talk with your photographer about the best time of day to schedule the engagement shoot, keeping in mind they will know the best time of day for the light.




Ready to book an engagement portrait shoot?

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