Field Tripping with Turkey Poults

colombia county ny photographerMy partner's family owns a beautiful place in Colombia County, NY.  We love to spend weekends out there when we can - and have gotten to know Mike and Michele of Yundwell Pastured Poultry.  Our son asks to visit them, their dog Mingus ("MINGA!) and their egg chickens ("BOKbokBOK!") each time we are out there.   This past weekend they asked me to document them moving their turkey poults from the barn into field.  Only a few weeks old, this was the first time they were big enough to move from the safety of the barn into the fields where they will be guarded by Nellie (full time flock/rafter protector and Maremma).

Spending time with Mike and Michele this summer has given us a deeper understanding of both farming and soil health.  Their chickens are in a movable roost that is regularly rotated around the farm to distribute manure, replenish nutrients and bring biological life to the fields.  By doing what they do, scratching seed and eating bugs, chickens (and now turkeys) contribute to keeping down weeds and pests.  Less bugs is great in our book!  Also Leonardo loves to watch Michele drive the tractor.  She has let him sit in the seat.  And it may have been the best moment of his life.  See below for photographic evidence.

ecstatic toddler driving tractor

We get our eggs from their farm.  And we've grill roasted their chickens.  Interested in supporting them?  You can visit their online store to purchase frozen whole birds, parts, and organs.  It's a drive from Boston, of course, but if you are headed out to the Hudson Valley, Albany or Troy it's worth a side trip.  Pick-up on the farm or local delivery is available.

Birds are so interesting to photograph!  Such personality.  Scroll through their field trip from barn to pasture in stills here. :) On Labor Day, these poults were ready to get to work on their pasture.

photographer canaan new york farm photography turkey poults

photographer canaan new york farm photography turkey poults

photographer canaan new york farm photography turkey poults

photographer canaan new york farm photography turkey poults

photographer canaan new york farm photography turkey poults

photographer canaan new york farm photography turkey poults

photographer canaan new york farm photography turkey poults

photographer canaan new york farm photography turkey poults

photographer canaan new york farm photography turkey poults

photographer canaan new york farm photography turkey poults

photographer canaan new york farm photography turkey poults

photographer canaan new york farm photography turkey poults

Fort Point Art Walk

fort point art walk spring 2017


Where is Fort Point?  It's just across the channel from south Station, adjacent to the Seaport and technically a part of Southie. Fort Point is one of New England’s largest artist communities, home to over 300 artists who produce work in a wide array of media.

The Fort Point Spring Art Walk is happening on Mother's Day Weekend! Enjoy a stroll through our lovely and rapidly changing neighborhood. What a great way to spend time with your mom. 

While we won't be opening the doors at #601 (coming off maternity leave), I will have some recent pieces up in the building.  

Friday, May 12: Preview all galleries and select studios 4-7 pm
Saturday, May 13 & Sunday, May 14: 12-6 pm

It will be more than studios doors being opened.  There will be performances and public art as well. For a full schedule of activities check

Fort Point Galleries

FPAC Gallery (300 Summer Street) FPAC members show

Our very own Midway Gallery at Midway Artists Studios, 15 Channel Center group show

249 A Street Gallery group show

Atlantic Wharf Gallery at 290 Congress Street Planes in the Sky

Fort Point Public Art Installations

Starry Night by Lisa Greenfield and Daniel J. van Ackere

Location: A Street beneath Summer Street

PYR2014 by Don Eyles

Location: Fort Point Channel, south side of Summer Street Bridge

Channel Center Garage, installation by Joanne Kaliontzis + Spalding Tougias Architects

Location: off A Street + Iron Street, near Channel Center development park

I do hope you make the trip out to explore and see our neighborhood.  I promise you it won't look the same as the last time you were here. And it won't look the same as the next time you come.  

Fort Point Open Studios Spring 2014!

I keep telling people that they should come check out the neighborhood for Open Studios. That it is on Mother's Day weekend. And I keep getting the sheepish response ".... when is Mother's Day?" while proverbial tails are being tucked between legs. So here it is: May 9-11, 2014! Now put it on your calendars and if you have a mama to send a card to, do that as well.  Your efforts, as you know, will be appreciated.
I'll be hosting visitors at my live/work space on the first floor of Factory63. Bring the moms in your life!

Boston Headshot .:. Portrait Kill (BLS)

There's just something about meeting another Latin graduate. Especially another one from the 90s.  A little headshot turns into a bonding session and trip down memory lane.  You may know just what I mean.
However you feel about revisiting high school days of yore, here's another portrait kill from that session. How gorgeous is she!?




What Is Making Me Happy This Year (2013 edition)

Have I been shrouded in the deepest mystery? Engaged in otherworldly pursuits? Nope. Just busy.

2013 has been a whirlwind, and here I go again obviously not blogging as much I intend.  The evidence of this is the folder quietly filling up on dropbox.

But now here it is in one fell swoop!

What is making me happy this year?  My clients! More things that are making me happy this year:

  • The eclectic podcast quartet that regulates my listening week (specifically PHCC, Savage Love, 99% Invisible and BackStory)
  • Dinner parties around Game of Thrones (lemon cake, anyone?)
  • A subscription to the Huntington Theatre
  • New friends made through Co (like neighbor/comic artist inkydave)
  • Scandal, my new soap engine of choice
  • Learning HVAC from the gorgeous mind of Maskcara
  • Last minute trip to Wilmington to visit another cherished friend and cheer her on at her museum opening at the DCCA
  • Our trip to San Francisco, where everyone I knew was either having babies, buying houses or getting hips replaced - yet still wanting to eat oysters and drink wine and laugh (thank goodness)
  • watching a dear friend graduate, get a job and be so happy doing good in the world
  • The Engineer for his affections, support and ever practical gift giving

Many happy wishes for 2014!

New Art Love

I know you all are curious as to what I do with the rest of my time.  When I am not doing photography, I am being the project manager of Brand Hack.  And I love it!
So just what is Brand Hack?  Brand Hack is creative support for tomorrow's economy. A radical one day engagement that gives entrepreneurs the communications tools they need to develop their business.  

Brand Hack is agile creative development, leveraging expert-level creative thinking and creating a platform for an organization to start interacting with their audience - efficiently, consistently and at the earliest stage possible. We work with visionary thinkers who are ready to be brave.

These are images of our last Hack with New Art Love, an organization that began the day with the name ArtPulse.  New Art Love is a MassChallenge finalist, and MassChallenge welcomed us for the day to engage the community in the hack.

We poked, prod­ded, turned upside down, ques­tioned, and ulti­mately clar­i­fied and rein­forced their vision. More art! More art being made. More art being seen, pur­chased, loved.

As usual, Dave Demerjian worked won­ders with the pitch. The audi­ence gave a col­lec­tive and audi­ble gasp of enthu­si­asm when he ended with ‘Artists need art lovers, and art lovers need access to excep­tional art. New Art Love makes the intro­duc­tion, and starts the conversation.’

Ben is always push­ing us to think in the future (pos­si­bly because he also lives in the 24th cen­tury aboard the Enterprise). He pushed, and kept ask­ing both the hack­ers and Kelly and Liora to define their vision out­side of the lan­guage that peo­ple usu­ally use to talk about gal­leries and art. In order to be for­ward think­ing, we need to cre­ate things anew. That is the ballsy part.

The best part of the Hack for me is watch­ing the clients’ faces when we present the deliv­er­ables at the end of the eight hours. Watching Kelly and Liora as we reviewed our process, pub­licly unveiled the final tool set, and explained the think­ing behind our deci­sions was immensely satisfying.

And in turn, when we check in with them in a few months, I look for­ward to seeing where this tool set has taken them.

Ben has published his highly critical and intellectual thinking on branding and our case studies here.  Video of us and a previous Hack in process here.


Thanks to the Hackers for their time and expertise; to Design Museum Boston for documenting the entire day and buying us lunch; and to Kelly Sherman and Liora Beer, founders of New Art Love for their strength of vision and bravado throughout the process.