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Settlers Crossing Lunenberg Ma Wedding

Loving this image of a gentle kiss after the first look on the golf course!

golf course wedding lunenberg ma photographer golf cart settlers crossing

It's nearly fall!  And though we've been cruising into it with some of that beautiful late summer weather, it means that it's wedding season at Ars Magna.  For whatever reasons, I've always had more wedding in the fall than any other season.  Do my client prefer the cooler weather? Do they love autumn colors?  Do they just want to have one long party all fall into winter? Whatever the reason, I do love fall weddings where the air is a bit more crisp and the light is warm and the shadows long.

Sharing a few of my first blush favorites from last weekend's wedding at Settler's Crossing in Lunenberg, Mass.  We were all there in July for their Lunenberg engagement photos. It was the perfect early September Day.  Sunny and not too hot.  A soft breeze and lots of warm hugs.

bride's childhood pastor getting ready before the outdoor ceremony at settlers crossing lunenberg wedding

outdoor ceremony on golf course fall crossing lunenberg central mass wedding photographer

settlers crossing golf course wedding lawn games

first dance parquet floor settlers crossing lunenberg central mass wedding photographer

lunenberg wedding photos settlers crossing reception entrance excited groom

lunenberg mass settlers crossing wedding reception fox ears bride and groom on the dance floor

Backyard Wedding in Rhode Island

Backyard Wedding in Rhode Island

Earlier this month, I was down in Rhode Island photographing this lovely backyard wedding. As they have a child of their own, it was important to the bride and groom that their son, and the other children in attendance, felt comfortable and had a setting in which to have fun.

As he was recessing down the aisle, their son looked at me and yelled as he passed by “ No more walking. It’s time to run!”  It was a sentiment that he meant quite literally, but it works on another level as well.  This milestone and public commitment is not ambling, it’s not longer sitting still.

Over the years, I've seen many great ideas for keeping kids happy at weddings, and this party had the best ones.  It was in the daytime - so everyone was awake and lively.  They had activity stations complete with coloring books, pipe cleaners, disposable cameras, bubbles, and games. 

Making a dance set  that is family friendly - a time for music that kids want to dance to, which usually means a lot of Happy,  Trolls soundtrack too and in this case their son's favorite Big Band.  Music that makes everyone get up on the dance floor and is a crowd pleaser creates a special time and place in the wedding for all generations to participate and enjoy themselves.  

When they decided to get married, and have a low key back yard affair, the bride's sister stepped in to organize an elegant gathering.  The ceremony was held out on the lawn, the cocktail hour organically sprawled out in the garden and the clam bake and dancing was in the tent. 

Eloping at Boston City Hall

government center boston wedding photographer


A small wedding. So small it was just the bride and groom.  Just the two of them and their love for each other was all they needed. Meeting up with family later in the evening for a fancy dinner to celebrate.  We had a great afternoon (perfect weather!) to shoot the quick civil ceremony and then do some portraits featuring the architecture of Boston.


Boston City Hall is a building about which people have strong opinions.  This couple was into the concrete.  And into the geometric interiors.  So we spend a few minutes shooting inside City Hall before heading up to the City Clerk's office.

bride and groom boston city hall




Of course with Ortiz's jersey front and center, we had to commemorate the doubly important day.

One of the many reasons I love photographing in and around City Hall and Government Center is the layers of building that speak to the history of the city itself.  In most views you can see different architectural styles and waves of development.  I'm also digging the new Government Center train station and the baby trees that are now dotting the moat of brick that surrounds the building.


There's a lovely quiet excitement at City Hall weddings.  I offer weekday wedding coverage that includes photographing the ceremony and a fun portrait session with our fair city as the backdrop.

Are you interested getting married at Boston City Hall?  It's easy.  Go to Boston City Hall at least three days before your wedding with $50 and complete the Marriage Intention Form at the Registrar’s Office.  When you can return to City Hall, you can pick up your marriage license and get married!
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Wedding planning guides, and wedding planning websites, suggest some standard questions.  They usually come up naturally in conversation and they do get asked during initial meetings.  

Comparing Wedding Photographers

The primary three things when you are looking for a wedding photographer:

Portfolio (Do you love the way this photographer sees?)

Price (Is the price point something you are comfortable with?)

Personality (Will you and do you get along with this person?)

Every has their own way to doing business that is right for them. Hourly coverage, packages or collections, unlimited hours. Our pricing is based on what works for our individual businesses.  So it can make it a challenge to compare.

The Big Questions

mit chapel wedding pohotographer

faneuil hall wedding photos boston

What follows are a list of the big questions that we, as wedding photographers, regularly get.  You may desperately want to know there answers. You may not have thought about some of them at all.  When you talk with wedding photographers their answers to these questions should help you feel like you are working with a professional wedding photographer.  

Do you have backup wedding photographers who will shoot the wedding if you're sick?

Will there be a second shooter or any assistants? Is there an additional fee for these?

Have you ever shot at my wedding venue(s) before? I understand it’s comforting to have a photographer know your venue and it’s quirks and magical spots.  Even if it’s the same physical location every wedding is different, and the days unfold in their own ways.

Will the wedding photos be exposure corrected and color balanced?

What gets retouched?

What is the deposit and total fee if we want to book you as our wedding photographer?

When do we get to see the wedding pictures?! 

How many weddings have you photographed, and how many do you do in a year?

Is wedding photography your main business? What percentage of your work is composed of weddings?

How many images do we get of our wedding?

When do we get to see the wedding pictures?! 

Do you shoot both digital and film?

How do you process the images?

What are the restrictions for sharing photos online or for publication?

Do you own the copyright to the wedding photos?

When do we get to see the wedding pictures?!

And The Big (usually unasked) Question

Why is it so expensive? 

wedding photographer danvers glen magna

Cameras, lenses, lighting, back up gear, insurance (business and health), studio rent, self employment tax, software licensing, advertising, equipment repair - it all adds up to a lot for a full time photographer.  

Photography is a luxury.  You don't need a wedding photographer any more than you need a wedding dress or a bouquet or a diamond to get married. 

Questions Your Wedding Photographer Wants To Ask You

Are you already thinking wedding day logistics and lighting? Might you be planning the wedding ceremony for sunset?  

Will you want family portraits done before or after the wedding ceremony? Inside or outside?

Are you open to talking through the timeline of the wedding day so your photographer can capture what you want?

How will you and your partner be if your wedding doesn’t unfold exactly the way you imagine it should? Spoiler: it likely won’t.

Will you trust us to capture the magic and moments are we see them? 

If you send us a wedding photography pinterest board, will you want us to replicate other people’s images or are you using pinterest as a tool for research and learn what style of photography you like? 

How do you want to display your wedding pictures?  Will they languish forever on a USB drive or in a facebook album?  Will you post some to Instagram?  Will you want to share prints with your family for the holidays?  Are you interested in getting an album?

What are you most excited about on the wedding day? The dance party? The ceremony? Seeing family? Eating? Pictures? What are the most important parts for you?  

I’m Boston wedding photographer Allana Taranto of Ars Magna Studio. I love photographing wedding in downtown Boston, and throughout New England. My wedding photography is beautiful and honest that celebrates your love story. 

Great Lives deserve Great Art. 

boston wedding photographer allana

Planning a wedding in downtown Boston?

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Elopement Photography Boston

boston bay village wedding portrait photography


The original plan was just the two of them.  But when parent's were notified, they decided to fly to to witness and celebrate. And a few more friends joined in for good measure.


Granted a brief pass from active duty to come up to Boston to get married.  We met up on the stoop of his first Boston apartment.  P was living there in a tiny studio apartment when he and V met.

bay village boston wedding photography shadow fire escapes


boston city hall wedding photographer staircase government plaza

family looking over paperwork boston city hall wedding

civil ceremony boston city hall photographer wedding

groom's father gives blessing boston wedding photographer

saying vows city hall wedding boston ma

Presided over by City Clerk Maureen Feeney, the ceremony was held in her office, which just about fit the group gathered.  Feeney was, as always, a delightful officiant.  Explaining the paper work before bringing the couple up in front of her bookcase to say their vows.

city hall elopement boston ma

boston city hall government plaza portraits prism

dramatic lighting boston city hall wedding photography 

Boston City Hall is a great, and architecturally fascinating, place to have a civil ceremony in Boston.  After the ceremony,  the North End, Faneuil Hall, the Rose Kennedy Greenway, the Boston Public Garden, and Beacon Hill are all just a short walk away.


downtown boston wedding portraits urban city 

blackstone block boston wedding photography

boston city hall wedding photos blackstone block

post office square boston wedding photographer

In our initial conversation, it was decided that, as they met in the city ad are now leaving, the bride and groom wanted to incorporate a Boston feel to the environmental portraits.  We took a few moments in the Blackstone Block and then Post Office Square before parting ways.  They went off to celebrate at JM Curley's with their parents and friends.  Congratulations!  Wishing you both the best as you set off on new chapters, professionally and personally!


post office square boston wedding photos

I love the distilled excitement of intimate weekday weddings.  Ars Magna offers weekday wedding coverage that includes photographing the ceremony and a fun portrait session with our fair city as the backdrop.

Are you interested getting married at Boston City Hall?  It's easy.  Go to Boston City Hall at least three days before your wedding with $50 and complete the Marriage Intention Form at the Registrar’s Office.  When you can return to City Hall, you can pick up your marriage license and get married!

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Anniversary Post: Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center Wedding Photography

As I'm on maternity leave, I'm reposting some of my favorite weddings as anniversary posts. 

I've been able to get to photograph and know this amazing family over the past several years. Turns out that we have overlapping friends and intersected lives.  I'm so glad that we found each other.  

Here's a recent portrait from a family session last fall.  Their family has grown with a new daughter and a new son.  

Last time we saw this family, their Cambridge wedding was a year away. Teachers are a special breed.  I know, I was once one of them.  They value tradition, but aren't ruled by it.  There is consistency and earnestness inherent.  Able to be serious. Ready to have fun. Both bride and groom, as well as a good amount of the wedding guests were teachers.  Just a few of the reasons I enjoyed working with M. and I at their Cambridge wedding.

From the custom converse on the groomsmen (and for the dancing bride) to the vows read from an iphone (so 2011, right?) they owned this wedding day.  Though, the couple's daughter, Frannie, nearly stole the show in her green dress and purple shoes. We made a few portraits in the courtyard at Le Meridien, then onward to the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, where the flowering trees flanked the sunset ceremony in the courtyard.  Strolling reception gave way to dancing, and toasts and cake.

Life is surprises.  M.'s vows began with an acknowledgement of that.  Life is unexpected.  Life is love.

And a special thanks to Douglas Levy for working with me on this one!