What’s my favorite moment at a shoot? Too many to count – but they always include honest and authentic emotions. No pretending. No pretense. No pageantry. Just you being fully present in your life.

I never thought I’d be such a crier at other people’s wedding, but apparently here I am with my heart on my sleeve feeling all the feels right along with you.

Fully present, thoroughly feeling what it is to be alive and determined to be witness on the love stories unfolding around me.

Blisswork. It’s a made up compound word that pretty much sums up what I do.   

Before Ars Magna, I taught art in public schools and in museums like ISGM, SDMA, MCASD and MoPA.  Even though I love my full time photographer life, teaching was a treasured time in my life.

Ars Magna translates to Great Art. It is a nod to my six equally delightful and torturous (be teen standards) years at The Boston Latin School, where we translated various war diaries and epic poems of love.

And one last thing! Ars Magna is also an anagram of anagrams.

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