The images I create reflect the love, connection and transformation that relationships bring into our lives.

My partner and I live in a giant live/work loft with our young son. Every day with him brings us a different insight, a joy, a heartfelt moment, a celebration.

When my cameras are not in my hands, I often experimenting with a whimsical knitting project or cooking a new dish, eating or daydreaming about the next travel adventure.

I also dream about stories.

I first explored imagery through film. It wasn’t long before I was drawn to the art of photography and personal storytelling. It was then that I was captivated by stills and the hands on process of creating images on paper.

Several years ago, my family came across an old camera that was stored in a trunk for more than 70 years. The camera contained a plate of film, untouched. When developed, we found an family portrait at a First Communion taken before they emigrated to the US from Sicily! Discovering this plate of film was otherworldly, a quiet memory that went back generations.

This fragile and surviving image is an affirmation to how powerful our stories are.

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