What To Wear at a Boudoir Shoot | Our New Guide

What do you bring to your boudoir shoot?  What do you wear?  The options can seem limitless and overwhelming!  

I believe that there are many ways to feel sexy! Many things that you could bring to reveal the different sides of you.  Some people feel more comfortable in silk. Some in cotton. Some in leather. Some in lace.  Some clients prefer a more modest boudoir shoot.  Some arrive ready to strip naked.  So you booked your boudoir shoot. What do you bring?

I'd been looking for something that would serve as an illustrated lingerie glossary or lingerie guide to help clients begin to plan and visualize their boudoir shoot.  I couldn't find quite the thing I was looking for, so I turned to my friend and fashion illustrator Gabi Anderson of Gabi Anderson Studio to create this gorgeous infographic to help women navigate getting ready for a boudoir shoot. 

Scroll down to see all of the things you could bring for your boudoir shoot.  It's way more than underwear, ladies! Think story. Think textures. Think variety. Mix it up to your heart's content. Own your style(s)! Above all, enjoy yourself!   Boudoir is empowering.  And fun. 

Boston Boudoir .:. It's all in the drape

A few from a Boston boudoir photography session at the Revere Hotel. Two different scarves, two beautiful images.   Scarves are a great thing to bring along to a boudoir session.  Especially sheer ones.  They are sexy, yet retain a lovely sense of modesty.

Boston Boudoir .:. A little mid-winter Heat

Here's another Boston boudoir gem from a shoot last weekend at the studio to warm up yet another biting and snowing Wednesday.
I'm sure you all are as ready as I am to welcome the embrace of Spring. Winter? Let's DTMFA.

G. brought this fantastic black lace bodysuit, with a sexy low cut back, for her boudoir shoot.  Bodysuits are one of my favorite pieces lingerie - both modest and revealing.

Boston Boudoir Intimate Portrait .:. And A Peacock Fan

This beauty brought her natural curls, several lingerie options and an amazing fan of peacock feathers to her boudoir session.

Boston Boudoir Intimate Portraits .:. Ready for Paris

New haircut,  plans to take on Paris come June, and Yelle as soundtrack - this woman rocked it out at her Boston boudoir portrait.
Taking it from a nude lace teddy to a black lace long sleeve body suit to a simple silk robe, it was a fun shoot that ended with a little fur face companion sneaking into the final shots.

Boston Boudoir Intimate Portrait .:. White Sheets Red Lingerie

A few more gems from a white sheet boston boudoir portrait session. Sometimes a few simple ingredients are are you need.


and with that I am off to Bermuda for a few days to catch up on beach reads and snorkeling . . . .