Eloping at Boston City Hall

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A small wedding. So small it was just the bride and groom.  Just the two of them and their love for each other was all they needed. Meeting up with family later in the evening for a fancy dinner to celebrate.  We had a great afternoon (perfect weather!) to shoot the quick civil ceremony and then do some portraits featuring the architecture of Boston.


Boston City Hall is a building about which people have strong opinions.  This couple was into the concrete.  And into the geometric interiors.  So we spend a few minutes shooting inside City Hall before heading up to the City Clerk's office.

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Of course with Ortiz's jersey front and center, we had to commemorate the doubly important day.

One of the many reasons I love photographing in and around City Hall and Government Center is the layers of building that speak to the history of the city itself.  In most views you can see different architectural styles and waves of development.  I'm also digging the new Government Center train station and the baby trees that are now dotting the moat of brick that surrounds the building.


There's a lovely quiet excitement at City Hall weddings.  I offer weekday wedding coverage that includes photographing the ceremony and a fun portrait session with our fair city as the backdrop.

Are you interested getting married at Boston City Hall?  It's easy.  Go to Boston City Hall at least three days before your wedding with $50 and complete the Marriage Intention Form at the Registrar’s Office.  When you can return to City Hall, you can pick up your marriage license and get married!
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How will I know you? Like a blind date, sometime I arrange clients by phone, and email and when the moment comes when we can meet in actual person, face to face or face to camera as it were, there's always this awkward looking and smiling period in a public place where I am not sure if I am looking and smiling at this person who I am going to photograph or if I am just being a overly friendly stranger carrying excess glass.

So how will I know you I asked R.

"We'll be the ladies with the cream trousers, I mean pants, and the biggest smiles!"

And, as it turns out, she was right. I saw them immediately. With the white trousers second only to their  smiles.  The biggest of smiles.  Such joy.

From a flash of blue eyes and a saucy laugh at a party twelve years ago, these two women, like those mythical and dreamy love stories the world over, have known that they would spend the rest of their days together.

England recognizes civil partnership, and has legalized gay marriage, but at this moment in time you can't upgrade from civil partnership to legally married, without having to dissolve the partnership first. So it made more sense to fly to Boston, and get married here, which England will recognize. Tricky, ladies.

We also bumped into the every radiant Leah Haydock, sporting a smile and a holdfast money-maker - a leather camera strap that is my current tough lady object of desire.

City Clerk Maureen Feeney, warm and full of love and blessings, presided over the ceremony. She even put down the book and gave her own impromptu blessing to close the ceremony.  There were tears and laughter and laughter-soaked tears; all of the things that you find in a full on wedding day.  All things distilled down to the essence of what it means to get married: unabashed and vulnerable joy.

Everyone at City Hall, even the desk clerks, absorbed some of this joy, as it was overflowing from this couple. It's documenting weddings like this, that I am so proud to be a part of this commonwealth that supports marriage equality.

Boston Engagement Photography .:. Downtown

Blisswork, revisited. A few belated, and beautiful, images from a Boston engagement session last fall.  On the eve of  moving from North End to Chinatown, we thought it would be fun to start in their old neighborhood and wander through the city, stopping at City Hall on our way to the Charles River.  These lovebirds have a regular running path through the city, and we hit some of their spots in the Public Garden and along the Esplanade.
We had a great time together. They have a great time together.  As you can see.   They are getting married in Aruba next year. Perhaps I will get to tag along.

Cambridge Small Wedding Photography .:. City Hall Elopement

Hooray for the Commonwealth! These two ladies flew all the way from California to have their small wedding ceremony at Cambridge City Hall.  We met up at the Lenox Hotel and them cabbed it across the river for their Cambridge wedding.
Massachusetts welcomed them with a beautiful day, and then off they drove to Maine for a week to spend seaside.  From one beautiful end of the country to another.