Brand Hack .:. Before & After

"It was like you midwifed us!"
One of the best compliments I've ever received.

The inaugural Brand Hack launched on Sunday April 1, 2012. The idea for The Brand Hack began in the early days of Ad Hoc when Ars Magna and Thinkside shared space with the folks at Quilted and Rough Mountain Film & Media.

Like an extreme make over, a team of designers and developers came together to volunteer a full day to fully rebrand an emerging organization. We were connected with One Degree by Boston World Partnerships.  One Degree operates as a community resource broker and leverages cultural and technological advancements—like user reviews, social networking, and big data—to make social services more effective.

Jay Sun, of EnCandle and a connector at Boston World Partnerships, and Ben Spear of Thinkside began the day with a positioning and branding conversation with founders of One Degree; Rey Faustino and Karla Monterroso and their most recent addition Phan Huynh. I took the role of project manager, and of course photographer.  I also ended up sharing copywriting duties.

Ben lead a team of designers to build a brand promise that considered the following: One Degree is a start up and needs to secure financial investment. One Degree needs to build a user base, comprised of both social service end-users and the community leaders.  The data that One Degree will generate will guide philanthropic giving. You can read about the specifics of meeting the design challenge on Thinkside's blog.

Once the identity was created and received client approval, the design team then got straight to work on the collateral: a brochure in PDF and print form, business cards, a one page web presence, HTML email template and a branded Power Point template. The development team took over and worked on making it all live, aiming for a 6pm deadline.

Collaborative work happens all the time in coworking spaces. Pieces of the One Degree Brand Hack team have worked together in various other capacities. However, The Brand Hack allowed us to work even more transparently than usual. To collaborate across an entire project, to see it from start to finish.  The clients stayed with us throughout the process and we were able to make decisions rapidly and responsively.

Karla, Rey and Phan were thrilled with the results.

Our next Brand Hack in scheduled for June 1, 2012.  We are looking to work with an emerging organization that is ready for a complete rebrand.  If you’d like to suggest a worthy organization, send us an email. To stay on top of our projects and activities,  follow us at@TheBrandHack.

Coworking and One Big Open .:. Creative Mornings Boston

As dedicated readers undoubtedly know, Ben and I have been coworking alongside one another and collaborating on project work for years. Last summer Jon joined in the mix. Our partnership is about sharing ideas, pushing each other, being outward facing and embracing visibility. This is all happening in our current endeavor, a playground for the passionate creative, called One Big Open.
This is a new approach to business for a changed economy.  This is the future of work!

Ben, Jon and I will be speaking tomorrow morning at Creative Mornings Boston.  Sign up here.

working liquid at grind in nyc

Thinkside and I came down to New York to check out the inaugural #rethink at Grind.  Grind is a collaborative platform (a strategically curated and divinely gorgeous coworking space) launched by CoCollective, where my girl Eva is Chief Curator.  Sarah Horowitz of Freelancers Union spoke about new mutualism and the economy.
I loved the whole thing!


Allana and Ben head to SF | Travel | Tech Talk

Ben (of Thinkside) and I were invited to submit a proposal to lead a panel at the revamped MacWorld/iWorld.  As former Ad Hockers and current residents of Encandle, we are all about coworking and the creative economy, so that's what we pitched.  And it was accepted!
We will be speaking on Thursday January 26th at the Moscone Center. This is our TechTalk: Back to Work: Rebirth & Transition in the New Workplace. Details are here.

*I shot this of image Ben. He shot this image of me. My best friend, Adobe, put the two together.