BU Castle Wedding | on a late fall evening

I first met this handsome groom when we were both vendors (he behind the video camera) at this spectacular wedding at Wychmere on Cape Cod.  Over dinner we found out that we loved across the street from one another, each in artist space in Fort Point. So cool!  New friend, and neighbor to enjoy a beer.  

When he got engaged, he asked me about photographing his own wedding. As you can imagine - this was the height of flattery.  Of course I said yes and after meeting his amazing fiancée (a painter) I was really excited to shoot their wedding at the BU Castle.  

The BU castle is stunning. An extraordinary venue, it was a private home (we can just saw it was a mansion) built in 1915.  All of the interior is luxurious. It’s a place where you can see the craft in the execution of every little detail.  It has an old world feel (a ye olde Boston at least) and it was the perfect Boston wedding venue for this late fall evening wedding.  

We arrived a little early to do a First Look behind the Castle and knocked off some portraits in the remaining daylight before the guests arrived.  For late fall and winter weddings this is something I recommend doing if possible.  The family portraits were taken just after the ceremony right out on the front lawn of the Castle.  

A good friend of the bride officiated the short and simple ceremony ceremony,which was cemented not only with a kiss - but also with the entirety of the guests doing the wave.  Their ring bearer, in keeping with the non-traditional gender roles of my 2015 weddings, was their niece.  

The first dance began with a grand entrance from the second floor balcony.  Guests ate, drank, danced, slipped away for intimate conversations and enjoyed themselves throughout the many rooms and the pub downstairs.

Many of the details of the day were carefully crafted by the bride.  Note that the bride made her own dress.  Yes. She made this beautiful beaded dress that converted from a gown into a playful dancing dress for the reception.  The detail work that she put in was breathtaking - check out the sexy plunging back with the pearls dangling on her bare skin.  Yowza!

vendor love -

kudos to the team working behind the scenes to make this wonderful day unfold seamlessly

Venue:  BU Castle

Cake by Mother of the Bride

Bride’s Wedding Dress made with love, and by the hand of the bride herself

Groom’s suit : Alton Lane

behind the video camera : Marcella Hoekstra

keeping it lively on the dance floor : CZone Music 

Post Office Square Wedding Photography | reception at the BC Club

Fill in the blank:
I love you more than _______.

Like a wedding vows mad lib,  she said it.  During her wedding vows. I love you more than vodka.  A sentiment which apparently held weight with the guests and with the groom, as they roared with laughter.  The afternoon rain held off for the outdoor ceremony right in Post Office Square, as we stood dwarfed by buildings on this lovely little patch of green.  Later, the city glittered below us from the BC Club's 36th floor.

Like other photographers out there, I do kind of fall in love a little with my clients when I photograph them.  Like anyone else at a wedding, I get emotionally moved.  To tears sometimes.  Sometimes to laughter.  Emotions can be contagious. Enthusiasm as well.  Living to 1000% is a thrill ride to witness and photograph. I love it. I love it more than gin.

The joyous laughing.  The smitten glances. The nervous excitement. The belly laughs. The dance moves. It's all there. It's blisswork.