boston family phtographer arlington ma portraits

Family Portraits | Five Years Later

boston family phtographer arlington ma portraits

These two - five years ago!

boston family phtographer arlington ma portraits

boston family phtographer arlington ma portraits

boston family phtographer arlington ma portraits

boston family phtographer arlington ma portraits

I've been thinking a lot about family portraits recently.  Not a surprise given that we now have a family of our own and the pictures of this kid are piling up.  Which ones to print? Where to hang them?  I've begun to work on a Guide to Hanging Family Photography with Candace Wilkes of House of Paige. We are aiming for a pre-Thanksgiving release.

Last weekend I had the fun of photographing an Arlington Family exactly five years after I first photographed them.  At six months, this kid was a ham and at five he is only more so.  He specifically asked to recreate a picture of him and his dad with their tongues sticking out from the original shoot.  I had no idea how important that picture was.  You can review that family photography portrait session here.

Walking through their home, their five year old showed me the original picture -framed on the wall just outside his bedroom.  Looking at that picture has become part of his bedtime routine. He looks at it every night.

Where do you put your family pictures?  How are they a part of your daily lives?

Prints Are Forever

Prints Are Forever

Why You Should Print Your Photos

Recently catching up on Amazon’s Catastrophe a small and brilliant scene in the penultimate episode where sibling rivalry comes to an ugly head.  Sharon looks around her parents house and only sees framed images of her brother and his children - none of her family and her children.  She sees this a favoritism.  In face, as her brother points out, he sends the grandparents framed prints.  They don’t know what to do with jpeg attachments.  This is pretty accurate.  If you send someone a framed print, chances are they will put it somewhere they can enjoy it - and think of you.  If you send them a digital file - they may pull it up to show a friend over coffee but they are unlikely to print and frame it.

My heart breaks when I hear that people want “just” the digitals. It’s the images that have value.  And they are worth printing.

Objects Have Aura

Our home has it’s own stashes of historic objects - historic to our lives. I am sure that your belongings include objects that speak to your life and hold memories for you.  

As a photographer I create visual histories.  As objects, photographs help you understand and know who you are and where you came from. Prints are a way to talk about family, relationships and memories that is away from screen time.  

They inherently hold a personal understanding and connect you to your place in history.  Physical objects are full of aura.  Holding them in your hands has emotional impact.  Printed photographs impart a connection to your history. An important and tangible connection.  We use our family photographs to reflect on and to understand ourselves.

Digital Obsolescence

Tech is rapidly created and just as rapidly cast aside as the newer, better and faster option comes along.  Sure, your images might be in an instagram feed or buried in a facebook album - but in all the noise that we create and share daily - the best images and the ones that you want to continue to interact with, can easily get lost.  

nursery wall portrait over crib boston family photographer allana taranto

Don’t Print Everything  

You’ll be too overwhelmed. Curate the best.  Part of the editing process in our work as professional photographers iis culling the best from all the images we capture.  This process is worthwhile, and I recommend you do it with your family photographs - even if they are taken with your camera phone.  Choose the images you love the best, the ones that make you smile or cry or your heart swell.  Those are the ones to hold on to and to treasure Those are the ones you should print.

One of my new favorite midnight blogs to read is Chris Loves Julia.  They shared an elegant solution for creating a gallery of family photos that is kid friendly (safe and fingerprint resistant) and easily changed out as your family grows and changes.

You can DIY a wall like this up yourself - There’s a Home Depot post about it here

Both mention etsy shop Highland Hardware.  I’m tempted to add this project to the ever expanding list of things for which I will likely never have time.  But I do have the prints!  

How many pictures of your life and your family do you have?  How many are on a wall or on a shelf that you can interact with daily?  How does that help you connect to them? 

Family Maternity Portraits at Castle Island in South Boston

boston family portrait at castle island in south boston


castle island maternity portraits

south boston fort indepedance family portrait

maternity sibling mother son boston photographer

silly family photography boston castle island 

father son boston relaxed family portrait photography

Boston is a city with so many wonderful locations to explore and use as a backdrop for a fun family adventure portrait session.  This family suggested we meet at Castle Island in South Boston.  It was the first time their son has been there - and he was so excited to explore.  For children who love trains, planes and boats - it’s a dream come true.  

boston sibling maternity portrait documentary adventure session


Now as a parent, I’m ever aware of how much and how fast things change.  This is a moment for their family where they are still three.  And as the oldest child, I remember what a big shift it was in our family when my sister was born.  Your place as first born won’t be challenged, but the family dynamics naturally change.

outdoor maternity portraits south boston


Adventure (outdoor) family portrait sessions are a beautiful way to capture family living in the city.  Kids have a chance to run around and explore. Your portraits have a sense of place of our historic city.  We also do playdate (indoor) family portrait sessions.  These are a good option for unpleasant weather, children who can’t yet walk or homebodies.  

Let me tell your family’s story.  Ars Magna means Great Art - and your stories, big and small, are indeed great.  Now is the time to get a family session scheduled for late summer or early fall. To learn more about adventure and playdate session options and to book a session, contact me here or by calling 617-942-1449!


South Boston Family Photography | Welcome Home

South Boston Family Photos

newborn family photographer boston

Another newborn!  :)

newborn family photographer boston

I find that my lens is always gravitating towards newborn feet.  Yes, they are cute.  But there's probably something more than that.  Symbolically perhaps.  Where will these feet go?  What steps, literally and figuratively, will they take? 

newborn family photography south boston

Family Portraits in the Home

Just a few days after birth, I came to the client's home and we spend a sunny and cold winter morning making some family pictures of B's first week at home.  She was born just before the holidays and there were little outfits and hats galore to play with.  Mom even brought out an ornament wreath that perfectly encircled B as she snuggled into her baby blanket. 

christening photography boston

Love this tiny newborn swimming in a Christening dress that her mother, and all her aunts wore. 

christening photography boston

christening photography boston

B was very alert for a newborn.  She kept her eyes locked on us the whole time. 

christening photography boston

holiday baby santa hat photographer

holiday baby santa hat photographer

holiday baby santa hat photographer

Welcome home, B!  Your family begins to take shape, with much love and excitement. 

At Home Sessions Boston Family Portrait document your real life.  As it is.  On the day of our photography portrait session. At Home Boston Family Portrait sessions capture the chaotic and beautiful life you have - not a perfect idealized reflection, but an authentic one. 

Family Photos Boston | At Home Newborn Session

At Home Portrait Session with Newborn

The excitement and love was palpable as soon as I walked into their home.  In the middle of the holiday season, a new child in the family, parents and adult siblings visiting for the holidays.

 I've been enjoying moving family photography sessions back inside, and it's not just because the cold weather is here.  Photographing a family in their own environment is wonderful.  Especially with a newborn in the mix.  This beautiful family welcomed their second son just before the holidays.  His big brother, 21 months old, was so excited to have a camera and a new person to interact with.  He practiced gently kissing and holding his brother, but he was really much more excited about running and playing and showing me his Thomas the Train toys.   

newborn family photographer boston

boston boudoir photos implied nude thigh highs

boston family photographer newborn at home

family photography arlington mass newborn

Welcome to the world, little one! 

As is typical of newborns, he slept through nearly the entire time I was there.  Snuggled into his dad's chest, or his mother's arms, or his uncle's elbow he is safe and warm and at the very start of his life. 

family photography arlington mass newborn

Thomas the Train, of course, made his way into his big brother's world

arlington ma famly photographer

I treasure this portrait of mother and child.  Gentle and serene love. 

documentary family photographer arlington ma

And especially in contrast to this image of Dad and his nearly 2 year old.  Doing a portrait session in your home can capture the complex rhythms and energy of your family. 

toddler meltdown family photography boston

documentary family photographer arlington ma

newborn portrait boston

newborn family photographer boston

At Home Sessions document your real life.  As it is.  On the day that my cameras and I are there. At Home portrait sessions capture the multi-faceted and chaotic and beautiful life you have - not a perfect idealized reflection, but a true one. 






What's Making Me Happy 2016

2016 gave us a lot.  For me it was a blend of professional growth (launching Modern Glamour comes to mind), personal growth and shifting sense of our collective identity as a community and a nation.  It was also another year in which I was honored to meet and photograph so many beautiful, interesting and wonderful families.  

I've separated my WMMH review into a few categories.  We start with Family Portraits!  

Check out my favorite family portraits from this year here: