Boston City Hall and BC Club Wedding Photography

We began the day at the Hilton Boston Downtown, and jumped right into a first look in the first floor library.  We ended up taking over the room for the family portraits and the ketubah signing with the rabbi before we moved over to Boston City Hall for the wedding ceremony. 

hilton boston hotel wedding photography

bridal portrait boston photography

bridal portrait boston photography

boston hotel wedding photography rain day first look

black and white wedding photography boston

ring detail boston wedding photographer

bridal bouquet stowe greenhouses boston

groom boutonniere stowe greenhouse boston

boston hotel wedding portrait father of the bride

boston wedding photographer ketubah signing

ketubah signing boston wedding photography

bride custom purple sparkle shoes by sjp


This superbly fun wedding began by rolling with Plan B, keeping us indoors for the first half of the day.  Originally planned for Post Office Square, the wedding ceremony was moved to Boston City Hall.  Plan B also involved draping the interior courtyard of Boston City Hall, notorious for it sterile concrete Brutalist architecture with lovely white banners and lights to form a soft backdrop for their birch chuppah.  

boston city hall wedding photographer

groom at Boston City Hall Wedding

wedding photographer boston city hall

bride and father walking down aisle at boston city hall civil wedding ceremony photography

jewish wedding ceremony boston photographer

boston wedding ceremony vows photography

boston wedding photography city hall saturday rainy day

Here's an architectural rendering of the space - and I suspect that the original vision did not include this space being used for nuptials.   I found this sketch of the interior on Brutally Awesome Architecture: Boston City Hall

It's unusual for Boston City Hall to have a Saturday wedding - and it ended up being a dramatic and stunning space for a ceremony, and one large enough to handle all the standing guests.  

If you, like me, are fascinated by architecture and design, I recommend reading this article and listening to this 99% Invisible podcast about our indomitable City Hall. 

bride and groom portrait wedding photography city hall

boston city hall plaza wedding photos


boston college club wedding photography

bc club wedding reception

bc college club stowe greenhouse simple tabletop vase

first dance bc club wedding photography

first dance boston college club wedding photos

bc club wedding photography first dance dip

After the beautifully choreographed and well executed first dance, the band moved into the horah - one of my favorite parts of the celebrations to photograph at a Jewish wedding.  

bc club wedding photographer horah

bc club wedding photographer horah groom on chair

bc club wedding photographer horah guests

bride during horah bc club boston wedding photography

bc club boston wedding photography horah

horah wedding photographer boston

wrapping up the horah bc club boston wedding


It's always fun when the wedding toasts, by parents and by best friends and siblings, provide a glimpse into the love and quirks, the longevity and depth, the nature and the nurture of the couple.  There was much laughter and only a few sheepish grimaces in several well given speeches.  

toast by father of the bride boston college club wedding reception

boston wedding photography bride and groom laughing during toasts at bc club wedding reception

Taking a break from a dance set, the couple honored their parents with Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances.  No cake, but an ice cream bar! 

bc club father daughter dance boston wedding photographer

bc club mother son dance boston wedding photographer

bc club boston wedding reception gossiping grandmothers

This was a wedding that was extravagant in joy, with very little fuss.  Pretty much a perfect party. Congratulations to Sarah and Julius! 

Vendor Love

Thanks to the Event Director, Chelsea, at Boston College Club for running a smooth reception.

Flowers by Barbara at Stow Greenhouses
Dance floor joy provided by Joey Scott and The Connection 
Strapless wedding dress by Vows
Gorgeous wedding updo by Mary Ellen at M Beauty Lounge
The purple sparkle shoes by SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker collection, custom made for the bride
Dance Lessons by Greg Coles  

Oakley Country Club Wedding Photography

beth el temple wedding belmont ma

When I was snorkeling in Mexico last winter, my guide enthusiastically practiced his English with me.  I asked him how he was learning.  “Little by little!”  Como lo have todo. That’s how you do everything.

Little by little.  This sentiment resonated has resonated with me, as 2016 has been full of both personal loss and major change.  One of the things that I’ve realized recently is the importance of ritual.  Big life events and rites of passage can be overwhelming.  Many times our ritual to take us through rites of passage involve many steps.  Little by little. Step by step. This is how we live in our lives.  Things may happen all at once, but we come to process, understand and accept them bit by bit.  Little by little.

beth el temple wedding belmont ketubah

This beautiful Jewish wedding ceremony included many steps, small but cumulatively significant.  The ketubah signing was done before the service began.  A ketubah is the marriage agreement  - a signed and witnessed document that reflect a couple’s shared vision of their commitment, their life together and their aspirations.

beth el temple wedding belmont ketubah signing

beth el temple wedding belmont ketubah

Many moving pieces to the wedding day.  Initially the clients didn’t plan for me to be at the ketubah signing.  A smallish Sunday wedding, they wanted only the ceremony and the first part of the reception.  But I’m so glad I arrived early and was able to document this part of the day.  

The tissues on the table - one of the dads noted that they should be moved for the pictures.  Not technically ideal for a portrait of the ketubah signing to have a box of tissues sitting there- but when a eye welled with tears - they were handy and I was able to get this image.  Who cares if there’s a tissue box on the table?  Or a stroller keeps a wide shot of the ceremony from being symmetrical? (shout out to Brian Ng for reminding me of this year ago in SF) No day is perfect.  Wedding days happen, little by little, piece by piece. It’s not about perfection, it’s about emotion.  It’s about expression.  It’s about allowing yourself to be overcome with the significance and emotion of this ritual, this rite of passage.    

beth el temple wedding belmont aisle

beth el temple wedding ceremony belmont

Sometimes elements that day were out of our control. The hawk circling overhead as we take the family formals, the wind kicking up the veil, the ring bearer photo bombing the group portraits - yet these are the indelible moments.  These are part of the man moments that mark this day as special, as unlike other days, unlike other weddings.  The pleasure is in the unscripted moments. 

oakley country club wedding ring bearer

application for show stealer received

oakley country club wedding bridal portrait

oakley country club wedding first dance

whirling around the whole dance floor for their first dance, this couple knew how to move

The service was held at the Beth El Temple Center in Belmont.  I recognized the Rabbi from a few other weddings.  He is dynamic and gets everyone involved in singing, being exuberant and praise.  A lovely way to begin a marriage.  

oakley country club wedding reception

another unscripted and beautiful moment, changing into comfortable shoes for the party

oakley country club wedding reception toast

oakley country club wedding reception

tears oakley country club wedding

oakley country club wedding toast

purple tiered wedding cake oakley country club

dancing horah oakley country club wedding

The reception was held at the Oakley Country Club a few minutes away.  It was a perfect Sunday afternoon for a mid-afternoon reception and dance party.