New England Engagement Portraits at Clark's Cove Farm and Inn, Maine


Last Sunday I made the epic drive up to meet these lovebirds at Clark's Cove in Maine - the site of their wedding next summer.  I first met Allie and Scott many years ago when we lived in the same building in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston.  And then Bruin came into their lives and we got to know each other better over the morning ritual at the dog park. 

When they got engaged, Allie emailed me to ask if I would shoot their wedding.  Of course, I said yes!  

clarks cove wedding maine


With dreams of a Maine wedding, Scott took a day off work and drove venue to venue searching for a replacement that had their wedding date open.  It seems to be fated that he came across Clark's Cove Farm and Inn, only a short drive from where they had already reserved cabins for friends and family.  

Clark's Cove Farm and Inn is an orchard, a wedding venue, a place to hike and canoe - it's 80 acres of gorgeous mid-coastal Maine. It's got gardens and barns and a full kitchen for your caterer. The owner came out to introduce herself when I arrived to meet the couple and graciously gave us run of the property get take engagement portraits.  After the shoot we cozied up to the wood burning stove and she gave us some of their fresh pressed apple cider.  

Allie and Scott are so easy and loving together - they made the engagement session a joy!  We walked through a bit of the woods with Bruin, their dog.  Later while the pup rested, while we walked through the orchard and down to the waterfront.  

Even at 7am dog park runs, Allie was always dressed well, so it came as no surprise to me that she and Scott arrived with great wardrobe choices.  Even Bruin had a new leather collar and leash. 

maine engagement photography clark's cove farm and inn

clarks cove farm and inn wedding


It was exciting to have a venue where we could have their dog come along.  As a dog owner, I know that pets are an important part of family you are making.  

Make sure that you let your dog run around a little before we start shooting, and then again afterwards.  If we are at a new location to them, they are going to want to explore and sniff everything.  We can start with some walking images, keeping the dog on leash.  Dependent on the location and your dog(s), sometime going off leash works too.  I don't expect them to sit and pose for pictures.  We'll just let them be themselves. 

Of course after saying hello to your dog myself, I'll give some time for sniffs and they will likely smell my dog, Sadie on me.  I love dogs and dog people. 

Make sure you bring treats to reward them for their participation! 

engagement photos with dog covered bridge

I like to get some images of the whole pack from a distance showing the landscape or environment and then also some of all of you cuddling up.  

engagement portraits Portuguese water dog

At Clark's Cove Farm and Inn, there's a gorgeous little garden that we used for some of our portraits before we went down to the apple orchards. 

clarks cove farm engagement photography flowers

coming in for a kiss engagement photography maine

apple picking engagement photographer new england

apple orchard engagement photographer

Next summer will come before we know it, and I'm looking forward to photographing their wedding.  Congratulations on your engagement! 

Migis Lodge Wedding Photography .:. Sebago Lake, Maine

Mark Higgins asked me to shoot a wedding with him in Maine.  He said I would like this couple.  They were cool and artistic and he had photographed their adorable engagement session at the Somerville Theater.  He said the wedding would be great. And that we would have fun.
And he was right.  As perfect as a day in June can be.  Lake side, with sweet, earnestly in love clients and a loving and joyous family. Under the sun, under the stars.

Mark also invited another photographer friend of ours, Meg.  So it was three of us who drove up in Mark's jurassic mini van and covered the wedding day celebrations. When the  reception ended, the wedding party had drifted around a bonfire.  Our gear packed, and lost iphones found, it was Meg and Mark and me jumping in Sebago Lake in our underwear to cool off before the long and dark ride back to Boston.

Since the wedding was in capable hands, I limited myself to one lens.  A 50mm.  It's a lens I use quite a bit anyway.  For certain things. I like the optics of it, I like the framing, just slightly wider than my own vision.  It was a challenge to keep one lens on all day.  I wasn't able to approach things as I typically do. And shot some unexpected surprises.

Here are the results!

Coastal Maine Wedding .:. Second Shooting

A few gems (yep, just calling it) from a wedding in Maine with the one and only Meg Belanger.  Yet again, a road trip filled with classic rock playlists and hilariously embarrassing car games.