The Future of Work .:. One Big Open

On Friday, I spoke with Ben and Jon at Boston's Creative Mornings over at Space With A Soul. We spoke on coworking; connecting across industries as independent creatives, forming community and building a sustainable economy.  Our partnerships have evolved into our current endeavor One Big Open.  I refer to it as a playground for the creative entrepreneur.  A community to work hard and play hard. Ben defines it as the meta level that exists in the connecting tissue across physical coworking spaces. It's being open. It's about committing to being outward facing.  It's about saying yes.
A few key points that were live tweeted:

  • Making the creative process visible makes it more valuable.
  • Hearing other people introduce you is a great way to find out if your branding is effective.
  • Coworking is all about possibilities.
  • It's easier to talk with a drink in your hand.


Thank you to the Design Museum Boston, Captains of Industry and Barismo for sponsoring us!

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Coworking and One Big Open .:. Creative Mornings Boston

As dedicated readers undoubtedly know, Ben and I have been coworking alongside one another and collaborating on project work for years. Last summer Jon joined in the mix. Our partnership is about sharing ideas, pushing each other, being outward facing and embracing visibility. This is all happening in our current endeavor, a playground for the passionate creative, called One Big Open.
This is a new approach to business for a changed economy.  This is the future of work!

Ben, Jon and I will be speaking tomorrow morning at Creative Mornings Boston.  Sign up here.

I'm heading 'back East' today after a whirlwind week in San Francisco.  Ben and I teamed up with Liquid Space, Next Space, and Turnstone to bring coworking to the post-Jobs MacWorld/iWorld.
As it usually is when I visit SF, the eating was amazing.  Being embraced by old friends and making new ones (that's you Rebecca and Mark) makes me miss living here.  That and not having to wear a coat in January.

Ben and his design skills will be gracing the Bay for another few weeks - you can follow his adventures here.

And yes, dear reader.  Yes that is a drum circle.  ;)

MacWorld/iWorld 2012 | Adventures in Coworking

Ben and I are here!  We had a great run through and heart felt talks over drinks and Indian food with the folks at NextSpace, Liquid Space and TurnStone.  Spent the afternoon in the Mission catching up on visits with my a few of my dear Bay Area friends at a variety of coffee shops.  Night ended at the Warfield with Modest Mouse.