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Boston Elopement Indoor Portraits

It was just too cold to be outside.  One of those bitter Saturday mornings with icy winds and icy streets. When F called and asked if we could shoot their wedding portraits at our indoor studio space, I understood exactly why.

Often I get asked about a Plan B for taking portraits indoors for Boston engagement photos.  And typically on a wedding day there is at least one or two places in which to duck in case the weather presents a challenge.  I rarely get a chance to just do a studio wedding portrait session indoors - and it was a lot of fun!

The Greater Boston area, and really all of New England, has a lot of Wedding Photographers.  When you ask for referrals or search online,  you’ll get dozens of referrals (especially through fb).  But I'm not sure how many of them do studio portraits for wedding pictures indoors.

Some of my favorites from their in studio wedding portraits.




Boston Family Photography .:. 6 months old

Baby cheek heaven.  Yesterday, Ezra, his mom and I went to Walden pond for the first official swim of summer and it was then that I realized I had never posted our sixth month session.  And here he is already nearly 9 months old.
Here's a few portraits of this handsome young man from our ongoing series of Ezra.

Boston Graduation Portrait Photography .:. Boston University

It's not every day that your youngest son graduates from BU. It's not every day that your kid brother can steal the show after your wedding. And its not everyday that your family flies in from Toyko and California to celebrate for the weekend.  So it's a pretty good reason to commemorate the occasion, such as it was, with a family portrait. And since you have a red robe and a funny hat, you should probably wear that in a couple too.  Congratulations, Shuji! Welcome to the 'real world.' It's pretty cool on the other side.

ps - I adore goofy dads!

Boston Boudoir .:. A little mid-winter Heat

Here's another Boston boudoir gem from a shoot last weekend at the studio to warm up yet another biting and snowing Wednesday.
I'm sure you all are as ready as I am to welcome the embrace of Spring. Winter? Let's DTMFA.

G. brought this fantastic black lace bodysuit, with a sexy low cut back, for her boudoir shoot.  Bodysuits are one of my favorite pieces lingerie - both modest and revealing.

Boston Boudoir .:. Smart and Sexy

This Boston Boudoir shoot had a little of everything: silk corset, leather vest, lace, heels; and all in sexy black.  And as you can see from the ones that I can share, she rocked it all. This client had that sassy combo of being sexy and smart:  the book list she brought as her makeshift footrest included As Consciousness is Harnessed to Flesh by Sontag.
Check out that gorgeous underbust corset from Cambridge's own Hubba Hubba. Way to nip a waist!

New Digs: my life peripatetic no longer

Some of you already know.  Some of you have already been over. I won the housing lottery.  For real.  *beam*

Over the summer, I've moved to and have been living and working in a live/work (this is obvious, yes?) loft at Factory63, an Innovation District/Fort Point project by Gerding-Edlen. It's a beautiful space, with inconceivably high ceilings and closets, closets, closets! And it's right across the street from the delights of soy pickled deviled eggs at Blue Dragon. So, basically it is perfection.

While I adore Fort Point, it's not yet filled the space in my heart for my beloved Fenway and Citizen, Tasty or the Roberto Clemente Dog Park Allstars, but it's getting close. The new neighbors (Imani, David, Karl and Bill) have been wonderful, and Sadie is nesting into this seaport scene.

Next Open Studios is the weekend of May 10/11.


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