New Orleans!

I flew down to shoot a wedding in New Orleans this weekend with one of my all time favorite photographers, K.  Aside from our day of work, what did we do with our time in New Orleans? We ate! We sipped cocktails, but did not swipe the glasses! We marveled and wandered and soaked the sun in.
Before the wedding on Saturday, we took ourselves on a little walking tour of the Garden District. Next time, I hope to take in a historic house tour, or a plantation tour. Because, there will be a next time.

Later in the afternoon, we photographed an amazingly gorgeous wedding. This couple was serious about their music and food. As I guess they should be, to have a destination wedding in New Orleans. The band, who came down from Atlanta, was, as the youth say. a force. Without stopping, they played a three and a half hour set. Without stopping.

And on Sunday, a Sunday. It's been a long time since K and I were cruising around on a Sunday morning. She suggested we take Dena's instructions to check out Cafe du Monde. The line was snaking down the street, and like a snake, it moved quickly. As it happens, you can make a fast turnover when your options are beignets and coffee. And that is it. Reached my powdered sugar quota of the year. And rediscovered cafe au lait.

We wandered. Wandered and found a gem of a lingerie shop, where the charming shopgirl, who was also an avid reader of The Lingerie Addict! I ended up buying a set for myself. In coral, with beautiful lace.

We kicked off the afternoon at Pat O'Brien's for the obligatory hurricane. That had us living easy for the rest of the afternoon until our scheduled scandals and cocktail hour at five. A stop for muffalettas at Central Grocery, where we sat on stools, washing each amazing bite it down with mouthfuls of Bud Light. So civilized, we.

Following the sound of music to Armstrong park, we got a good dose of the Congo Square Rhythms Festival! Listening to the music, I closed my eyes wanting to lean into the sounds, to drown myself in waves of horn.

We were the only two for our cocktail and scandals tour. Win! Began with a Pimm's Cup at the Hermes bar at Antoine's. So much memorializing and gilded age of mardi gras costumes enshrined like the Germaine Wells museum at Arnaud's.  Our guide James took us to several key spots, including one I had discovered Friday night - the French 75 at Arnaud's. This time we had the eponymous cocktail, which they make true to the French with Cognac in lieu of the more American gin. And yes it had a kick. James also took us to the Monteleone Hotel bar which is the grande dame of rotating bars to circus circus' vintage Vegas one. This may have been my favorite spot, with the strange yet lovely comfort of a slow and steady counterclockwise swirl. We sampled the grasshopper and the sazerac there. I preferred the Chris Hannah sazerac.

We ended the night at the Pirate Alley Absinthe House, first time K had absinthe. I'm not sure I had it since a memorable and fateful Christmas Eve in Excelsior when I lived in SF.  She liked it. One more for fennel lovers!
We also took a peek at over the rooftops of French quarter from the top of the Omni Royal at sundown.

I fell asleep watching a animal planet show about mermen and drinking one of the shiner bocks with which K had stocked our mini fridge. It was a fantastic weekend.

Things I ate that were amazing:
BBQ shrimp
Red beans and rice
Charbroiled oysters

Favorite Drink:
Chris Hannah crafted sazerac

Here are some images from my iphone . . . as they say the best camera is the one you have with you.

TPlex Wedding Photography .:. Detroit

More images from Detroit! I knew this gorgeous redheaded bride from my days in San Diego.  When she and her man decided to get married, and do it in Detroit, they asked me to come out to the Motor City to join them.  I've photographed quite a few of the folks that also made it out - so it was a reunion of sorts.
I loved my weekend in Detroit. From the airport pickup (brides dad and a van and a big hug!) to the pizza and bowling rehearsal dinner to the wedding day detour for the Packard Plant to the mason jar of Chivas they handed me at the end of the night - I loved the whole thing. The feast was amazing - at least three full courses of Polish food.  And loads of beer (in a boat) and champagne.

The bride, whom I met while she was getting her masters in architecture, crafted and assembled nearly all of the decor. Maybe I should do a second post just on that - since it was so spectacular.  We even managed to do the whole wedding party portraits at the grounds of the Packard Plant without the bride and groom seeing each other. This explains the groom in the van with a black blindfold.  I will let the bride take full credit for organizing that.

The floor below the wedding at the TPlex was set up with a Model T that we could climb around in and use for pictures - hence the staged driving with bottle images.  No worries, no one actually got behind the wheel.

The day after the wedding, some mutual friends and I explored Belle Isle.


On Vacation .:. Images from Mooers

Sadie and I had a lovely week in August in upstate New York.  Here's the proof!


California. California!
This is where we spread my aunt's ashes.

Vamos a la Playa or My Vacation to the Mayan Riviera

I fished out my old 20D and a kit lens, packed a few swimsuits and headed down to Puerto Morelos for a week.  Four books, three bottles of tequila, two days in Tulum and one camera barely used.  A relaxing week unplugged (mostly).  As you can see, landscapes are how I am seeing everything.  No portraits, pretty much at all.
Just in case you were curious how my mind works when it unwinds.


Images from my Droid taken over a long weekend in Miami with Ben Thinkside Spear.