Micro Wedding | Cambridge City Hall

Here's another beautiful little two person (plus me the wedding photographer and the officiant which I guess technically makes it four persons) from City Hall in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I've photographed weddings here before, but usually in the kinder gentler weather that takes us outside. We asked if chambers was available.  We were so happy o learn that it was!

Y. and J. met in a French language class years ago. Though they both left China for jobs in other countries they found their way together again.  After long distance love for another few years, they are both in Boston, and enjoying their life here. Together, finally!

They chose to be married in a civil ceremony here first and then they will have a larger and traditional Chinese celebration when they are home with their families.

They were so excited to get married - giggles and adorable bouncing to get it going. It was obvious that they weren't able to wait any longer to marry the love of their life. I arrived early and they were already there - nearly trembling with excitement.

Their city hall elopement was romantic - and kept things simple.  They have each other, and a two person celebration.  A wedding paired down to it's bare bones that has no less less romance,  love, or fun that a big celebration.  In this case, a two person micro wedding, was ideal.

I love photographing micro-weddings like this.  City Hall weddings are treated like an extended portrait session.  Coverage of the civil ceremony in the City Hall, or courthouse, followed by a location portrait session.

Boston Wedding Photography .:. Civil Ceremony Public Garden

If I don't just do it and start posting blog entries right away, I will never catch up. And when I have such a beautiful and classic Boston wedding to share I want to do it right away - blog calendar and chronology be damned!
this was a last minute engagement (on my part - being engaged as their wedding photographer I mean) and they booked me for a Monday morning civil wedding ceremony at the Boston Public Garden.  The groom lives here. The bride lives in Chicago. They met and fell in love and wanted to get married right away. Their big family wedding will be in India later this year. This will explain why there were so many cell phones present - not to record precisely but to broadcast to their parents.  All of the people present pulled out their iphone and skyped in the parents and grandparents of the bride and groom.  For once the now ubiquitous iphone presence at a wedding was in fact touching.  The groom teared up when speaking with his father (via video chat on phone) after the ceremony.

It was both very modern and absolutely classic.  Both that moment and the rest of the morning.

Here are a few from the small and intimate wedding coverage.

I love this kind of work!