What to Wear | Winter Engagement Photos

I finally got around to using Polyvore!  I do love a mood board – and this is a way to create a visual collages that is very easy and fun.  II’m sure you have seen these collages on Pinterest. I’ve been meaning to play around with this for ages. And it is as fun and as deep a rabbit hole as you might imagine.  You can pick your items and see how they all look together without emptying your closet and laying everything out of your bed (which is pretty much my pre-vacation packing scene).  As a visual person, laying things out like this makes planning wardrobe was easier.  Especially if you are coordinating a color palette between two people.  You should be able to get to the sets (and others as I build them) on my Polyvore page here.

Dressing For Engagement Portraits

Below are three mood boards I whipped up for winter engagement sessions.  We tend to go inside for a decent time during winter engagement sessions, which means LAYERS! And that coats and scarves are part of the whole look.


winter engagement photos outfits

winter engagement photos outfits


winter engagement photos outfits

As we approach Valentine’s Day and another round of proposals are in the works, I wanted to share some idea here of what you might wear to your winter engagement.  I find we do a fair amount of walking with our clients, hitting a few different places (either in the city or on a walk in the woods).  This is why I opted for more “sensible” shoes.

5 Things to Help Plan Engagement Session Outfits

  • Embrace Color!  As my friend Monica says, most people don’t look great in black.
  • Dress for location.  Let’s not let those cute heels slow us down on our photo adventure.  Wear something that is weather appropriate and comfortable to walk in.  Layers are great for New England afternoons – bring a tote bag to keep the extra pieces in if we go inside or things warm up.
  • Coordinating. But not matching.  Coordinate to complement.  Choose a color palette that works well with both your complexions.
  • Options! If you aren’t totally sure about a hat or a shirt but you think you may want to try it – bring it along.  We can duck in somewhere to do a quick wardrobe change if needed.
  • Be yourselves.  You will love the images where you look and feel like your authentic selves.  And the level of coordination that involves varies, of course, person to person.